#FeelCloser Experience – A Yearender Flight

From where I stand comes the acceptance that I am 6,904 km away from Manila – realtime count, but on my standpoint I am not even an inch away from it – not even close.

I’ll tell you how.


Back when I am not yet a fan of #9pmhabit, Instagram was just part of my random servings of Max’s brunch, quotable quotes, travels, new gadgets and a “bit” of selfie-ing time (pardon me for lying on this instance). But I never thought that Instagram’ing will be part of a habit which I can’t resist leaving not because of the above mentioned factors but more so it allows me to take off and connect to a greater scheme of dimension across my comfort zones.

It’s a meeting point of different time zones with its collaborative energy which makes everything run under the same condition. Everything was put in proper understanding when I started knowing, little by little, the community of visual storytellers which enabled me to embrace how the growing family takes one leap to another through their simply philosophy of “keeping the good vibes rolling”.



@IGersManila, a global community for Filipino Instagram’ers, has been successful in the many flights they have ventured in the field of social networking and visual storytelling.

I am not the very first passengers to take this journey – not qualified to use the hashtag #1stGenIGer but I have witnessed how the passengers from different points of arrival changed their direction as they continue tracing the track they’ve started.

As the innovation takes place, we have been delighted to see how effective this community is in propagating unity in diversity. There goes the different routes of instameets (term coined to define when Instagram’ers meet and enjoy photography sessions), collaborators, sponsors and other exciting events.

And I have been very supportive of all these back when everything is accessible. Getting to know them more and be friends with them are some of the valued-added items you’ll enjoy as you take this flight.



Did I just say accessible?

Yes! Amidst the distance this flight has taken, everything is still accessible, everything is possible, everything is very well under control.

@IGersManila’s yearender events did not just pass as easy as a jetplane simply because I am currently residing in Dubai, it comes in a very comforting ride as I participate ‘realtime’ on the actual rolling of  the #goodvibes.

Effort has been well exerted through video call from ingress to egress for me not to miss even a single second of excitement! When I mean realtime, I have not been disconnected the moment the program started until everybody breaks down from excitement. This experience is something I cannot imagine missing not just because I am away from them but because this experience is something I own and embrace, this is my experience and this is something I will never be tired of experiencing.

Indeed, a #FeelCloser experience.

When I was asked by my colleagues why do I need to take a duty off when I will just be sitting in front of an iPad taking video call, I simply said “I just have to be there on that exact date and time”.

Accepting that they do not speak our language making them not to understand where I am coming from, this #FeelCloser experience made me testify my commitment to #ktgvr. This is the ultimate passport which will always be pocket-ready wherever I go and will be!

When you have committed yourself to #goodvibes, it allows you to transpire and breakthrough the limits of time and experience life as it has to be without filters, restrictions whatsoever.

#Goodvibes is what it takes for me to be connected 6,904 km away, and I testify everything will be realtime!


Taking into account what this flight has brought me to, we can identify that #9pmhabit serves as the Airport where we meet different folks across the global. The Aircraft used in order for us to take off from one place to another is known to be @IGersManila. They allows us take the action per se in any given situation. And to fully enjoy the opportunity in any given territory without hesitation, we need to secure a Passport – that which makes everything legal. Have you realized how #goodvibes allows you to transcend places and time naturally? Much like a passport, it is your pass to witness new discoveries, places and attractions this life has to offer. Update your passport. Relieve the spirit.

Thanking @IGersManila for keeping me fully connected amidst the changing season is a lifetime-commitment.

Excited for my upcoming seat-sale flights this 2015! #ktgvr

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