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EventBrite is an online ticketing service founded in 2006 that allows event organizers to plan, set up ticket sales and promote events and publish them across different social-networking tools (such as facebook and twitter) directly from the site’s interface.

EventBrite has two available apps right now: EventBrite Neon and it’s self-titled app, EventBrite.

EventBrite is their consumer-facing app. This app helps people find out what’s happening around them, discover popular and recommended events, see which events your friends are going to, register for and get tickets to events, and get into events with just their phone — no paper tickets required!

Meanwhile, Eventbrite Neon is the app for the event organizers. This app is a combination of the company’s two previous apps — Entry Manager and At The Door, while also adding lots of new features. In this app, the organizers can process tickets, check in attendees and act as a guest list, accept payments for tickets or merchandise, and also offer refunds or partial discounts. It also has the feature of tracking sales and get analytics insights of the event.  Note though that this app is only available right now for iOS only.

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With the recent KalyePH2014 Exhibit and IGnitePH2014, IGersManila proved how useful EventBrite is. They used the app to manage the registration of the finalists and visitors of the exhibit, and the attendees of the year-end party.

Organizing events and reserving tickets are now easy with EventBrite. All I need is my smartphone and I can register and organize events in a breeze. The coolest part is upon registration, because with the use of eventbrite (neon) you can use your smartphone to scan tickets! It really saves time from that lengthly sign ups and line ups“, says #TheColl Donnie (@iamkebok), who was assigned at the registration during the KalyePH2014 and IGnitePH2014 events.

And from here on, IGersManila is using the EventBrite app to manage its registration process for its future events.

Expect that there will be less hassle upon coming to the IGersmanila events with the help of EventBrite app. We are hoping that you’ll always join us and together, we’ll keep the good vibes rolling! #ktgvr

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