Changes to the #9pmhabit

If you’ve been joining our #9pmhabit daily visual storytelling habit and noticed some changes to our postings, that’s because after our 4th founding anniversary celebration last April, us #TheMods decided we’d like to inculcate simplicity to the things we do for the community and make it more straightforward in presenting the awesome work of fellow Instagram’ers we feature. More than anything else, it’s the active participation and positive interaction of IGers and their amazingly wonderful photo and video submissions that kept us going and we owe it to the community to evolve the longest running photo challenge in Instagram, that is IGersManila’s #9pmhabit.

We’re sticking to our original workflow but tweaked some of the mechanics a bit, as follows:

  • We’re posting the #9pmhabit theme or topic for the day around 8:00am to 10:00am Philippine Standard Time (PST / GMT +8:00) or as soon as the sample photo is available.
  • We’re posting the sample photo (or video) as is (with minimal or no editing), acknowledging the owner by tagging and a username watermark.
  • We’re sticking to the original posting time, which is from 9:00pm to 11:00pm PST, but you can either post earlier or later, note though that only entries posted within the allotted posting time will qualify for our #PhotoPick.
  • Aside from the theme-specific hashtags, the following hashtags are required: #IGersManila #9pmhabit #IGersPhilippines.
  • We encourage you to either put a title to your work or write a descriptive caption (a fitting quote, a short poem, or lyrics from your favorite song or as may be required by the day’s theme or topic) for your Instagram.
  • We’re checking the hashtags, the grid, and individual photo/video submissions, as well as liking or double-tapping and leaving comments, and picking standout posts within the same posting time of 9:00pm to 11:00pm PST.
  • Instead of posting a video collage of the #PhotoPick entries the day after, we’re now posting the #PhotoPick winners individually, around the same posting time within the day or before the clock hits 12:00mn PST.
  • We’re posting the #PhotoPick photo (or video) as is, acknowledging the winner by tagging him/her to the post.
  • We’re posting the collage of all tagged entries weekly (or after a specific theme or topic or campaign).


That’s it, as you can see, we’d like the IGersManila Instagram feed to be filled with the outstanding work of our community. So here’s to more awesome visual storytelling.

If you have any questions, please do ask us. Otherwise we can start a conversation over at Instagram, follow us and let’s snap-filter-share our visual stories.

Keep the good vibes rolling! #ktgvr

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