@AvonPH brings to IG the #AvonColoredEmotions

This June, @IGersManila is collaborating with @AvonPH to bring you #AvonColoredEmotions—share your visual stories of colors and the emotions they evoke.

Get a chance to win special gift from Avon Philippines by joining our special #9pmhabit .

The mechanics are as follow:

  1. Follow Avon Philippines in Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.
  2. Check @IGersManila’s #9pmhabit theme from Sunday 16-June  to Tuesday 18-June in Instagram.
  3. Entries should have the following hash tags #AvonPH #AvonColoredEmotions #9pmhabit #IGersManila #IGersPhilippines
  4. Entries should be posted from 9:00PM (PHT) to 11:00PM (PHT) only.
  5. By around 10:00AM (PHT) the following day, @IGersManila #TheMods and representatives from @AvonPH will decide on the 4 photopicks and an announcement in IG shall be made thereafter.
  6. Photopicks get a special gift from Avon Philippines.

Have questions? Follow and tag #IGersManila #TheMods @CCLozano @EdCalaycay @iPetim @Pinkipop27 in Instagram.

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