Avoid broken hashtags in IG

@IGersManila’s daily #9pmhabit entries are being collaged and posted in IG as a “thank you” post for IGers sharing their visual stories with us. We are using hashtags to come up with a collection of visual stories that we post daily.

However, some IGers are raising concerns that their photos were not part of the collage.

If you’ve experienced this, your profile could be either in private or you are probably using a broken hashtag.

Broken hashtags are tags that when used along with your other hashtags, none of the other tags you used for your visual story will show up in their respective search results.

For example, if you are participating in the #9pmhabit, you are using the following default hashtags

  • #igersmanila
  • #9pmhabit
  • #igersphilippines

If you are appending some other hashtags like #instagram or #photography in your caption or comment, when you do a search for any of the hashtags you used, you and other IGers won’t see your photo.

IGM - Broken hashtag

For your visual stories to be part of the #9pmhabit collage, DO NOT use the following broken hashtags when you participate in the #9pmhabit:

  • #instagram
  • #photography
  • #popular
  • #IG
  • #ilovemyinstagram
  • #iPhone

An unofficial list of these broken hashtag can be found here. Instagram is periodically reviewing these set of hashtags and may add or remove them from the broken hashtags list.

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Need a little help on hashtagging? Check the following links:


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