At the 9th Manila Instameet

BIG THANKS to fellow IGers who joined us at @IGersManila’s 9th Manila Instameet (Sunday 27 May 2012) at CHEF ARCH’S LIME – #TheMods @cclozano @ipetim @edcalaycay @pinkipop27; Circle of Snapshooters @alexascribe @gorjusyeh @pepo_33 @goldiegranada @vinyette @oscardelahopia @charles_puto @akosidoki @japernicum @luaphpesoj @lkarll_tsp @rui_21 @mainegear @mogultown @aaronsumulong @iammoony @oohhhkian @auwiiie @akosimakoiski @maldeeto @kimmisofly @carltrav @allurebaby @garyboi84 @iamkiro @rysfaller @jsylene @ohboimarcoboi @mervindizon @mariepaulite @patrickpaulite @winthoughts @ilovewango @kidkarma_ @diannevee @mauriceporrins @citoroman @doctonton @robsunday @geraldtipones @lexmnl @docjesse @iam.herbie.

Set 1 of 2 – the signature @IGersManila MUG SHOTS.

Set 2 of 2 – the signature @IGersManila MUG SHOTS.

FOOD PHOTOGRAPHY – IGers snapping photos in different angles.

Photojojo lenses, Chips, Starbucks Gift Certificates and Cocktail Drinks – CONGRATULATIONS to the winners!

Group shot of @IGersManila’s Circle of Snapshooters.

Special thanks to our Instameet sponsors @juantavinz124 @chefarchslime of Chef Arch’s Lime for the venue and food, @patrickpaulite @luaphpesoj of Canvas Printshoppe for the cool giveaways.

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