IGersManila supports the Affinitea Race

It’s truly an honor to be part of Affinitea Run‘s upcoming “Affinitea Race: For Every Mile, Experience Unfold presents Raise D’ Roof 2015 – More Than Medals”. In fact, it’s not IGersManila’s first time to be part of their prestigious event, it’ll actually be the second time that we are teaming up. The first one was the Affinitea #BrownRace last November 2014 which gave so many wonderful memories with our #TheColl.

This year, Affinitea Run is raising the bar higher with it’s back to back run with Raise D Roof and Brown Race Marathon. This exciting event was launch last 10-April-2015 at the Akira, Art of Sushi & Teppanyaki at Makati.

Know more and read what Affinitea Run has to say to all you exciting runners out there.


It all started when we join a fun run last 2013, thinking of how we can give back the blessings we are receiving from the business. At that very moment, we decided to make our own AffiniTea Run For A Cause. We didn’t hire any organizer because we don’t have any budget for it but since we believe in the saying that “there is always a first time” and if you’re happy with what you are doing then you will achieve what you desire. As we prepare for the event, many challenges arises such as suppliers, coordination and even relationships were slightly damage but we never fail to go back to our purpose that is where we started why we have this kind of event.  We strongly believe that purpose must come first in order for us to be successful in what we are doing.


The word AffiniTea is derived from the word “affinity” which means relationship, attraction or connection. It aims to provide a new level of tea experience with its high quality, health-inspired, and natural-sourced products. After all, we have a common affinity to TEA! AffiniTea is here to improve quality health while promoting camaraderie among tea aficionados.

The word AffiniTea was continuously used even in the race to bind family members, friends, colleagues, lovers and to meet new friends.


AffiniTeaRace to promote healthy lifestyle and camaraderie among friends and family members through running, while we serve our community to help the needy most especially the children.

Our purpose is to give wonderful experience to the runners and encourage them to support public charity.

BENEFICIARY : He Cares Foundation

Raise D’ Roof concept was started year 2013 the 1st run for cause of AffiniTea. The inspiration of the theme was to help the homeless street children, abuse children, and abandoned children from Tahanan ng Pagmamahal and this year beneficiary is from He Cares Foundation same as the above mentioned advocacy.

Brown Race inspiration came from being pro country ( Maka – Bayan). Brown Race has many meaning to us this can be Lahing Kayumangi, Angat Lahi or Takbo ng Lahing Kayumangi. Creating awareness about the identity and origin of a Filipino that we came from the ancestry of great heroes and rich civilization before the pre Spanish colonizers. To upholds hidden potentials and maximize it for the glory of God and the country. Last year theme were focus on “Deepening one’s Faith, Identity and Love for the Country”. We believe that it all started of knowing our origin – Creator how powerful He is and how wonderful we are made. Even to our categories we can learn lesson on how to be Angat Lahi? Starting at 3K Conqueror , 5K Excellence, 10K World Class and 16K is Champion. This year theme “Nurturing God’s Love, Core Gifts & Family Relations” through this theme we should able to answer the secret of success. Starting at 3K Dream, 5K Passion, 10K Potential, 16K Good Habit, 21K Character and 42K is Purpose.

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