Instagramers Manila or IGersManila is the global community for Filipino Instagram’ers (or IGers / ay-ji-ers). Founded by Carl C. Lozano (@cclozano) and moderated with Ed Calaycay (@edcalaycay), Petim Maminta (@ipetim), and Pinky Delos Reyes (@pinkipop27), the collaborative community shares a colorful blend of cultures and the telling stories behind the snapshots that spawned a unique visual artistry through the #IGersManila #9pmhabit, actively participated in daily by Filipino IGers and Phoneographers, with over 21,000 followers to date.


We are the official Philippine representative at the Instagramers.com network of Instagram cities and international communities created by Philippe Gonzalez. Celebrating its first year anniversary last 22 April 2012, IGersManila is best known for promoting the fun and unique Pinoy visual artistry through its #9pmhabit daily visual storytelling habit, marking its place in the huge 150-million-strong Instagram community with the #IGersManila hash tag getting over three million tagged entries, and organizing the wackiest Instameets and interactive projects/contests. IGersManila is also proud to have spawned different interest groups with its “keep the good vibes rolling” tagline promoting positive interaction and friendship Pinoy-style.

The Instagram hashtags created and popularized by the @IGersManila community are:

#9pmhabit – the daily photo challenge
#igv #igersmanila_forum – meet Pinoy IGers in the community
#igersmanila – tag your photos and bring it up the top Instagram hashtags
#igersmanilapop – for #9pmhabit tagged photos that hit the pop page
#photopick #gridpick #photograb – photos that standout from the grid

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