A Taste of Street Food na Pina-Sosyal at Chef Arch’s Lime

Like any other typical pinoy, street food has always been on top of my list when it comes to gastronomical food experience.  Despite of its acquired taste, street food is a quick fix to satisfy our hunger, very convenient and light on the budget. 

But when a fellow instagram’er introduced a place where our all-time favorite street food is served in a classy and sossy way, I immediately said “Okay this is definitely something!”

Chef Arch’s Lime has lived to its famous tagline “Street Food na Pina-Sosyal”.  For foodies who love street foods, “Lime 88” is your closest place to heaven.  Not only that it’s a perfect place to chill and hang out –with its hole in the wall setting, but every dish here is created, well thought and made to perfection.

As for me, while I enjoy eating all of Lime 88’s delectably-gourmet street foods, I’m also having a great time taking visual stories of their “instagram’able” dish.  So allow me to share some of my uberly enticing snapshots available only at Chef Arch’s Lime ~ Street Food na Pinasosyal!


IGM - Foodamology5

The Balut in Red Wine Sauce immediately caught my attention. Who would think that “balut” (duck embryo) could be turned into a culinary masterpiece? Based from its taste, the balut is dip in a batter made with flour and other spices, and then fried to golden brown.  The exciting part about this dish is the reduced mixture of red wine lightly simmered in the balut.  So if you are a balut lover, this appetizer is definitely the one for you.

 IGM - Foodamology18

Another hit is Lime 88’s Adobo Sushi.  This finger food will make you ask for more as you bite on the bits of adobo flakes atop every slice of delectable sushi.


This is one of my favorite. The fusion of olive oil, white wine, chili’s, creamy sauce plus the gourmet tuyo makes this dish a star of its own.  We are not talking about the spanish style here, the Creamy Garlic Tuyo Pasta is definitely Pinoy and every bite is heaven to taste.

 IGM - Foodamology7


If you want something with a lesser guilt on the cholesterol, then Kangkong and Kesong Puti Stuffed Chicken Breast is a winner.  A perfect dish made for that health conscious, the stuffed chicken breast complements the kangkong and kesong puti surprise inside, let us not forget the subtle mashed potato on the side.

 The great part about Chef Arch’s Lime is that they never get tired of looking for new gastronomical delights.  Just this month, Lime 88 added new “foodie“-licious masterpieces on their menu.  Luckily, some of my fellow instagram’ers including me was able to experience the first taste of these wonderful new creations.


IGM - Foodamology4

Lime’s Spaketchup with Hungarian Sausage. Not your ordinary sausage, this is a hungarian sausage with a “spaketchup” twist.

IGM - Foodamology3 

 Uhuh! You’re right! That’s our favorite Bacon, deep fried into crispiness then served with pinakurat (a famous filipino spicy vinegar).  Just imagine how good that would be!

 IGM - Foodamology2

All things come in small packages, even with Chef Arch’s Lime.  So they come up with a finger food fit for clients with smaller appetite.  Meet Lime 88 Mini Tacos.

IGM - Foodamology1

Lumpiang Shanghai Cigars with plum sauce. An order of these fried wraps will never be enough for me.  I could eat an entire batch in minutes! Our traditional Lumpiang Shanghai made tastier and yummier served with plum sauce.

These are just a few of Chef Arch’s Lime street food culinary expertise. For a complete list of their menu and news of anything about Lime 88, please visit their website at www.chefarchslime.com.

I could not wait for November 29, as Chef Arch’s Lime is sponsoring the food for @IGersManila’s #KalyePH2014.  Surely, this exhibit will be super awesome as @IGersManila officially opens its yearly #KalyePH event showcasing wonderful phoneography creations in monochrome printed in canvas.

Lastly, the most awesome thing about Chef Arch’s Lime is that each and every dish coming out of their kitchen are served in a picture perfect, well-plated way or “instagram’able” as we call it in instagram. So if you’re planning to visit their resto anytime soon, here’s a bit of advice -aside from a tummy ready for that twisted gastronomical food experience, make sure that you have your camera, DLSR or your smart phones ready for those easy snap, filter and share moments at Lime 88. And don’t forget to follow and tag your awesome photos either on Facebook https://www.facebook.com/chefarchslime or @ChefArchsLime both in Twitter and Instagram.

Happy Beki Eating! #Foodamology

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