The #NewTattooiPad with #IGersManila #9pmhabit #IGVista

Today, Tuesday 29-May-2012, see a colorfully vibrant world with a new perspective. Join @IGersManila in celebrating the launch of the new “resolutionary” iPad in the Philippines with our special #9pmhabit #IGVista – “View from iPad.”

Using the iPad frame of FotoRus app (see sample photo above), snap as many photos of any subjects as you can, sharing both in Instagram and Twitter your own visual interpretation of “View from iPad.”


  1. Follow @IGersManila in Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook.
  2. Register to @IGersManila’s Circle of Snapshooters.
  3. Connect your Instagram to your Twitter account, here’s how.
  4. Download the FotoRus app. Use FotoRus (choose Pic-in-Pic then the iPad frame) to snap photos of any subjects, apply effects, then save your work.
  5. Upload your FotoRus photos to your Instagram, with ONLY the following hash tags #NewTattooiPad #IGersManila #9pmhabit #IGVista as your caption. Make sure to tap on Twitter sharing, then post.
  6. Post as many of your FotoRus photos of any subjects in Instagram as you can, but post only from 9:00PM to 11:00PM (PHT).
  7. By 12:00MN, @IGersManila #TheMods will pick and announce one (1) winner.

TAG AS MANY POSTS AS YOU WANT BUT USE ONLY YOUR OWN NEW OR OLD PHOTOS AND DO THIS AT EXACTLY 9:00PM PHT TONIGHT. Keep the #goodvibes rolling in our Instagram community by liking or double-tapping tagged entries, interact by posting positive comments, follow Pinoy IGers and make new friends. We’ll be checking the tagged photos from around 9:00PM to 11:00PM PHT, and we’ll announce the #9pmhabit PHOTO PICK the next day at around 9:00AM PHT.

Have questions or suggestions? Follow and tag @IGersManila #TheMods in Instagram @cclozano @ipetim @edcalaycay @pinkipop27. Mabuhay Pinoy IGers!

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Carl C. Lozano or CCLozano is an Operations Management Professional, currently the GM for a Telesales and Customer Service company; founder of @IGersManila, one of the pioneering communities in Instagram, open to Filipino Instagram'ers (IGers) and phoneographers around the world, with its longest running photo challenge - the #IGersManila #9pmhabit - becoming the daily visual storytelling habit that continues to yield positive interaction online and offline.

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