A Very ‘Social’ Change

The Internet has always been one of the greatest inventions humanity has ever created. Communication and information is at our fingertips. It defies human intelligence that no one has ever thought of. It created possibilities that are very useful to the entire humankind. And one of those possibilities is Social Media.

Social Media according to the definition is the collective of online communications channels dedicated to community-based input, interaction, content-sharing and collaboration.

With the mushrooming of technology, social media is also escalating its power to provide information in most easiest and fastest way; influencing people in its most favorable way. However, just like everything else, there’s a downside to Social Media. Sometimes it creates misconceptions that it usually loses its fashion and its credibility which greatly affect not a single person but an entire community. Therefore, Social Media should be a tool for change–a change that humanity is dreaming for.

Social Media Day was launched four (4) years ago. There were reasons why it was created. Simply to inform, educate and spread awareness to netizens and the people. Last June 27, 2015 was the 4th Social Media Day in the Philippines held at Museo Pambata in the City of Manila. Hundreds of netizens flocked in the said event. It was a celebration of the power of social media. The global event was spearheaded by Mashable and was made possible here in the Philippines–the social media capital of the world. Together with communities, partners, and volunteers led by TweetUpMNL since 2012. All those communities (including IGersManila), partners and volunteers gathered and set up their booths and provided noteworthy activities for the participants. Aside from getting and acquiring new trends, apps and other social media functions, fora were also conducted, with local guests from some of the most influential people in social media today including Antoinette Jadaone, the director of the blockbuster indie movie, That Thing Called Tadhana.

But it wasn’t just a celebration, it was a revolution. A revolution engaging and aiming for change. As we march closer to our Presidential Election, it was the perfect time for us netizens to voice out what change we want–for our country. We have the will to influence people. We should take advantage the power of social media in most honest way. We aim to provide information, help and cater people’s needs as much as we can. We channel to every Filipino around the world to help build and create a better Philippines.

Indeed, it was a festive day for everyone. It was also a day of friendship where everyone had a chance to meet new people and gain friends. Smiles were contagious and excitement slithered all over the place. Exhaustion was never part of the event. Just like any celebration, everyone went home with pockets full of prices and freebies. Social Media Day 2015 was definitely celebrated with a bang!

We are the people. We are the Social Media…and we ALWAYS know how to keep the good vibes rolling!

See y’all at the next #SocialMediaDay!

See photos below by our fellow #igers!


IGM conducts photowalk at Museo Pambata

As part of #SocialMediaDay2015 #ChangePH at Museo Pambata on Saturday, 27-June-2015, @IGersManila was given an exclusive all-access pass inside the museum.
Geared with their smartphones, IGers gamely snapped, filtered and shared visual stories featuring the rooms of the interactive museum–the first of its kind in the Philippines.
Check out the photos submitted by IGers who joined us for the photowalk inside the museum.

Social media allowed me to give a hand to help others #changeph #igersmanila #igm_museopambata #socialmediaday2015

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Meet the Flying Whale #SocialMediaDay2015 #ChangePH #IGM_MuseoPambata #IGersManila @museopambata

A photo posted by Raymond Matthew Intervalo (@techtonic12) on

Socializing with nature @museopambata. #SocialMediaDay2015 #ChangePH #IGM_MuseoPambata #IGersManila #smxchangeph #smday

A photo posted by Iana Peralta ☕ 📷📱 (@ianaperalta) on

Makinilya. #SocialMediaDay2015 #ChangePH #IGM_MuseoPambata #IGM_ChangePH #IGersManila

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 Check the rest of the visual stories shared on Instagram using the hashtags below:
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  • #SocialMediaDay2015
  • #ChangePH
Get to see more of Museo Pambata by visiting it at Roxas Boulevard corner South Drive in Manila from 9 AM to 5 PM, Tuesdays to Saturdays.  Admission fee is only PHP150.00 with discounted price for residents of Manila. Visit their website at http://www.museopambata.org/.
Keep the good vibes rolling! #KTGVR
*Featured image courtesy of @star211/@sellie_gf

#IGersManila is ready for #ChangePH this #SocialMediaDay2015

The most shareable event ever is happening on the 27th of June, 2015 at the Museo Pambata Open Grounds from 10AM to 7PM. IGersManila is proud to be part of Social Media Day 2015 together with the top social media communities in the country namely Pinoy Exchange, SoundCloudPH, TumblrPH, Muni, iVolunteerPH, and many more. This yearly grand meetup is hosted by TweetUpMNL, who has been a pioneer in the Social Media Community in the Philippines. From 2013’s #FWDPH, to 2014’s #BoomPH, to this year’s #ChangePH, IGersManila will definitely be there along with thousands of people who have signed up.


The theme #ChangePH is about exploring the possibilities of what Social Media can do for us today and by expressing and inspiring people through our posts. IGersManila is ready for some changes and we can’t wait to tell #TheColl and #iCoss about our plans for the coming months.


Invite your friends and get free tickets to this year’s #SocialMediaDay2015 by registering at bit.ly/ChangePH and know more about Social Media Day at @TweetUpMNL. See you there and keep the good vibes rolling!


#ChangePH Social Media Day

June 27, 2015 MNL, PH

Social Media Day 2015 in the Philippines is for and about #ChangePH.

It is an opportunity to look at new apps, new tools, new technologies that help bring about significant changes, big and small: Changes in how we Filipinos live, work, do business, travel, study, express, communicate, share, and form relationships.

It is a chance to discover new communities, to perform before new audiences, to witness rising new performers, and learn new skills that bring fresh starts: Changes in how we view things, people, and the world we live in.

It is a moment to gather less than a year before we vote for new leaders and for change in government: Changes that solve problems, empower citizens, promote fairness, and improve our country.

Thanks to the spirit of collaboration and cooperation, #ChangePH will be the fourth time the Philippines joins this annual global event spearheaded by Mashable. Yes, communities, partners and volunteers have always made the Philippines’ Social Media Day possible and always different since 2012.

In Manila, join us on June 27, 2015 at the open grounds of Museo Pambata, the country’s first interactive children’s museum. Together, let us support Museo Pambata as a learning center for Filipino children who should ultimately benefit from progressive changes we seek to win.

Similar events will be mounted in many other cities across the country, thanks again to thriving and communities nationwide.

Join and support Social Media Day 2015 and be champions of #ChangePH.


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