Yoshinoya #KPopAsha treats IGMNL

IGMNL - Yoshinoya KPopAsha

September 19, 2015 — the third batch of qualifiers had their photowalk in SM City North Edsa. After getting oriented about the photowalk, they had an scrumptious snacks from Yoshinoya. It was called Japanese Famous Beef Bowl — bowl of rice topped with beef and onion simmered in a mildly sweet sauce. Everyone was excited when the food was being served by the very friendly staff of Yoshinoya at SM City North Edsa. Of course, before eating those yummy beef bowl, time to snap and edit for the #PIPE4_B3BTS and the hashtag provided by Yoshinoya, #KpopAsha.

After the snacks, everyone is now ready to snap, filter share photos in SM North Edsa for #PIPE4_B3. Thank you Yoshinoya! Keep The Good Vibes Rolling. #KTGVR


#IGMNL conducts #PIPE4_B1 Photowalk

On Saturday, 25-July-2015,  @IGersManila, in collaboration with @SMNorthEDSA, @SmartCares and @StoryTellPrints and major sponsor @PowerMacCenter conducted the first photowalk leading to the 4th Philippine Instagram Photo Exhibit #PIPE4 this October 2015.
Set at the brideway of Sky Garden in SM North EDSA, the event started with the traditional #IGMNL getting-to-know-you activities led by #TheMods @CCLozano, @EdCalaycay and @iPetim.

Ms. Joy Arsenio, Assistant Mall Manager of SM North EDSA, welcomed the qualifiers for #PIPE4_B1 Photowalk.

This was then followed by a hearty-merienda/photoshoot courtesy of @zarksburgers.


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An hour of photowalk followed through covering SM North EDSA’s The Block, City Center and Sky Garden.

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The qualifiers then reconvened for a session of editing and uploading entries for #PIPE4 with Ms. Abbie Real of Smart Communications joining and sponsoring our post-photowalk dinner.

See the submitted entries of the qualifiers for #PIPE4 Batch 1 in Instagram. Check the following hashtags:
and the behind the scenes shots at #PIPE4_B1BTS
Interested to join us for #PIPE4? Read the mechanics here. 
Keep the good vibes rolling! #KTGVR

#PIPE4_B1 With Their Zark’s Burgers

Meaty, cheesy, and BIG.

Those are the first three things that popped in our heads when we saw the Zark’s Burgers being served to us during the #PIPE4 Batch 1 Photowalk at SM North Edsa. We were presented with mouth-watering burgers with different styles, and different meaty flavors.


Thanks to Zark’s Burgers’ Joseph of SM North branch for being very accommodating.


Our #PIPE4_B1 and #TheColl can’t get enough of their delicious instagram’able burgers.


Watch out for the next batch of our #PIPE4 Qualifiers and their photowalk this August 2015 at SM North Edsa with our partners Smart Communications, Storytell Prints, and with our major sponsor Power Mac Center.

Keep the good vibes rolling!