#WWIM13PH in review

On the Earth Day weekend, @IGersManila Philippines joined the instragram’ing communities around the world for @Instagram’s #LifeOnEarthWWIM13.

Coinciding with the 5th Founding Anniversary celebration of @IGersManila #JiveForFive, the community trooped to La Mesa Ecopark in Quezon City for an early ecowalk on Saturday, 23-April, 2016.

Using the concept of the “Four Elements of Nature,” IGers attending the ecowalk were given a GREEN card and bag containing instructions for 3 sets of tasks  related to an element assigned to their theme. The scorching summer heat didn’t stop IGers in creatively snapshooting visual stories at the Ecopark given the limited time.

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Check out the following visual stories from #WWIM13PH #JiveForFive hashtag in Instagram:


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The teams were also asked for their creative group shots. Check these out:

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After the two-hour ecowalk, the teams reconvened at a nearby pizza house for a celebratory lunch courtesy of @LiveSmart for @IGersManila’s #JiveForFive anniversary celebration.

As finale act for the event, #TheColl2016 were tasked to lead a team for a #JiveForFive cheer.

Thanks for our fellow IGers for joining us for #WWIM13PH!

Keep the good vibes rolling! #KTGVR

#FeelCloser Experience – A Yearender Flight

From where I stand comes the acceptance that I am 6,904 km away from Manila – realtime count, but on my standpoint I am not even an inch away from it – not even close.

I’ll tell you how.


Back when I am not yet a fan of #9pmhabit, Instagram was just part of my random servings of Max’s brunch, quotable quotes, travels, new gadgets and a “bit” of selfie-ing time (pardon me for lying on this instance). But I never thought that Instagram’ing will be part of a habit which I can’t resist leaving not because of the above mentioned factors but more so it allows me to take off and connect to a greater scheme of dimension across my comfort zones.

It’s a meeting point of different time zones with its collaborative energy which makes everything run under the same condition. Everything was put in proper understanding when I started knowing, little by little, the community of visual storytellers which enabled me to embrace how the growing family takes one leap to another through their simply philosophy of “keeping the good vibes rolling”.



@IGersManila, a global community for Filipino Instagram’ers, has been successful in the many flights they have ventured in the field of social networking and visual storytelling.

I am not the very first passengers to take this journey – not qualified to use the hashtag #1stGenIGer but I have witnessed how the passengers from different points of arrival changed their direction as they continue tracing the track they’ve started.

As the innovation takes place, we have been delighted to see how effective this community is in propagating unity in diversity. There goes the different routes of instameets (term coined to define when Instagram’ers meet and enjoy photography sessions), collaborators, sponsors and other exciting events.

And I have been very supportive of all these back when everything is accessible. Getting to know them more and be friends with them are some of the valued-added items you’ll enjoy as you take this flight.



Did I just say accessible?

Yes! Amidst the distance this flight has taken, everything is still accessible, everything is possible, everything is very well under control.

@IGersManila’s yearender events did not just pass as easy as a jetplane simply because I am currently residing in Dubai, it comes in a very comforting ride as I participate ‘realtime’ on the actual rolling of  the #goodvibes.

Effort has been well exerted through video call from ingress to egress for me not to miss even a single second of excitement! When I mean realtime, I have not been disconnected the moment the program started until everybody breaks down from excitement. This experience is something I cannot imagine missing not just because I am away from them but because this experience is something I own and embrace, this is my experience and this is something I will never be tired of experiencing.

Indeed, a #FeelCloser experience.

When I was asked by my colleagues why do I need to take a duty off when I will just be sitting in front of an iPad taking video call, I simply said “I just have to be there on that exact date and time”.

Accepting that they do not speak our language making them not to understand where I am coming from, this #FeelCloser experience made me testify my commitment to #ktgvr. This is the ultimate passport which will always be pocket-ready wherever I go and will be!

When you have committed yourself to #goodvibes, it allows you to transpire and breakthrough the limits of time and experience life as it has to be without filters, restrictions whatsoever.

#Goodvibes is what it takes for me to be connected 6,904 km away, and I testify everything will be realtime!


Taking into account what this flight has brought me to, we can identify that #9pmhabit serves as the Airport where we meet different folks across the global. The Aircraft used in order for us to take off from one place to another is known to be @IGersManila. They allows us take the action per se in any given situation. And to fully enjoy the opportunity in any given territory without hesitation, we need to secure a Passport – that which makes everything legal. Have you realized how #goodvibes allows you to transcend places and time naturally? Much like a passport, it is your pass to witness new discoveries, places and attractions this life has to offer. Update your passport. Relieve the spirit.

Thanking @IGersManila for keeping me fully connected amidst the changing season is a lifetime-commitment.

Excited for my upcoming seat-sale flights this 2015! #ktgvr

Memoirs of a First-Time Exhibitor

It was in an exhibit that sparked in me the interest of becoming an Instagramer.

There I was in Glorietta seeing happy faces of proud exhibitors wayback 2012. Back then, I never understood why they were happy. It was a proud moment for them–which; as a spectator, everything seemed clueless and naive.

Then I became an Instagramer. For a person who seemed ‘late’ in joining this platform, I was never given a chance of having a screenshot of the phrase “Your photo made it to the popular page“. All I know is that every 9AM I should check what’s the theme of the day; take pictures or scan through hundreds in my gallery, and upload it 9PM sharp. You’d wake up the next day; well, somewhat hopeful and praying your entry is a #photopick.

Then one morning, I was picked. It became addicting, and was indeed a healthy vice. Then another photo was picked; then the next, and the next. There I saw progress in my feed. I had a more scrutinizing taste on what to post or not. I even found my own support group, which later turned to kins. Sharing apps, Apple ID passwords, styles and techniques.

When #KalyePH was launched November last year, I was honestly skeptic. Personally, I was never a fan of street photography. I never saw myself walking side street, taking photos. But there I was having my own entry, and was an exhibitor myself.

I finally understood why those happy faces in Glorietta 2013:

It feels great having your art immortalized; more so, exhibited.

Join us this year, as #KalyePH strips down all the colors and tones down the vibrancy. The 3rd Philippine Instagram Exhibit will showcase “Street Photography in Monochrome“. As the deadline of entry submission officially ended; let us start the countdown of welcoming all the finalists slash exhibitors, and usher the winners of this year’s exhibit.

Weeks from now, new stories of Instagraming will begin; Inspirations from exhibited immortalized art to unfold, and smiles will soon be painted.

Come on, let’s snap, filter and share. And keep the good vibes rolling!

IGersManila at the #BratpackRemix

Last 30-June-2014, #IGersManila’s #TheMods were invited to attend Bratpack’s #bratpackremix launch at The Gallery, Greenbelt 5, Makati City.

They featured the 4 local artist who designed their new line of #bratpackremix. These artists are:

Anjo Bolarda, who creates arresting and intricate pieces.

Lala Gallardo, whose art were based from her fascination for indigenous crafts, unusual flora, sci-fi, and vintage photographs.

JP Cuison, who re-imagines pop culture imagery in his work, creating pieces made with acrylic and his electric sense of humor.

and Celina De Guzman, who colors each work with a dreamy palette of pastels.

Special thanks to Ms. KC Aguila and Clytie Choa for inviting #IGersManila.

What’s #YourMove to do a good deed?

Reaching out and doing something good for others is one of the greatest things a person can do in life.

There are so many ways that we can paint a smile to a stranger’s face or bring sunshine to the lives of our friends and family. We begin by doing little, unsolicited favors intended to lighten up their moods. These are the good deeds that will keep the good vibes rolling.

This June 2014, @IGersManila shares visual stories of captured good deeds via a game of tag. We ask fellow Instagram’ers “What’s #YourMove to do a good deed today?  Snap, filter, and share it in Instagram and #ktgvr.”

Here’s how to join:

  1. Snap a photo or video of your good deed for today.
  2. Share it in Instagram with the hashtags #IGersManila #YourMove.
  3. Tag your friends and challenge them for #YourMove.

Let’s get started!

Here are visual story highlights for #YourMove:


NDFY invites IGersManila to Fete Dela Musique

NDFY is hosting the Fete De la Musique Event on June 21, 2014 at 12 Monkeys Music Hall & Pub, in Makati City. Doors open at 2pm and the show starts at 3pm. Special thanks to NDFY’s Glen Macadaeg for inviting IGersManila.

According to Glen, the 12 Monkeys Music Hall & Pub is owned by popular local artists like Champ Lui Pio (of Hale) and Chito Miranda (of Parokya Ni Edgar).

Everyone is welcome to join the event and admission is free. Enjoy good music with good company and celebrate art with our talented local artists like Ourselves, Brisom, The Jireh Calo Project, Tarsius, and many more.

Know more about this event at bit.ly/feteindie

IGersManila’s wide-eyed exploration at The Mind Museum

When Nikki Solatorio of Greenbulb Public Relations, the communications agency of The Mind Museum invited IGersManila to attend The “Wide-Eyed Wanderer’s Exploration” – The Mind Museum’s Media Family Day last Saturday (March 22, 2014), we excitedly agreed. This was not our first time at the museum, last September 2013 we were lucky to witness the “Da Vinci The Genius” exhibit on the works and creations of the inventor and artist Leonardo Da Vinci.

#TheMods Ed Calaycay and Petim Maminta were accompanied by close friends and also members of #iCOSS such as Ryan Pesimo, Allan Flora, Angela Ramirez, Donnie Gamboa, and Raymond Sagun.

#TheMods and #iCoss with Kyle Imao - the first ever Junior MasterChef of the Philippines

#TheMods and #iCoss with Kyle Imao – the first ever Junior Master Chef of the Philippines

The Mind Museum welcomed their guests with Food Passports where we can taste delicious treats such as the Tiramisu Pots from Kyle’s Lab, sweet cupcakes and cake pops from Sophie’s Mom, refreshing ice cream from Sebastian’s Ice Cream, and mouth-watering pizza and nachos from Uncle Cheffy’s.

Guests were given a challenge: to complete the Wide-Eyed Wanderer’s Exploration Passport with stickers collected from The Mind Museum summer programs. Some of the programs we have went through are the Crime Scene Investigation 101, Marine Science Camp, the Apocalyse Project – Imagined Futures, and we even got a sticker just by watching the planetarium show entitled “Back to the Moon for Good” narrated by actor Tim Allen.

It was an incredible day and most of us felt like we were kids again with that unforgettable journey of exploring, learning, and experiencing science. It was no surprise why The Mind Museum has been going strong for the past two years of science, exploration, and creativity and has even gained international recognition. Because inside The Mind Museum, science really comes alive.

The story behind IGersManila’s #ktgvr song

Last June 2013, when Instagram introduced videos, along came out a slew of apps that made working with videos easy and fun, designed to squeeze enough eye-candy and creativity to fit the 15-second length limitation. As Instagram continues to evolve, so is the way we do our posts for our Instagram’ing community. And so as suggested by fellow moderator Ed Calaycay, we’ve since recreated our #PhotoPick posts, using Frametastic and PicPlayPost apps (both for iOS), to showcase the four (or more in other occasions) standout posts for our daily #9pmhabit visual storytelling habit – in a video collage that highlights both the Instagram’ers and their winning entries, and a matching background music or song. In our continuing efforts to be creative (aside from not being comfortable using mainstream tunes), I thought we needed to have our own jingle or song. And because we know a few IGers who are also into SoundCloud, Ed contacted SoundCloud Philippines for a collaboration, and thankfully one of its admins, Jerome Cleofas was happy to oblige, and the rest as they say is history.

As explained in the video above, IGersManila’s official community song, aptly titled #ktgvr, is catchy, reflects who we are and what we do as a community, and lss-ish, and we owe this to the talented musicians, lyricists, and singers of SoundCloud Philippines, who made this unforgettable sights and sounds collaboration possible.

Listen to the #ktgvr song, and keep the good vibes rolling!

#SCPhils creates #ktgvr as @IGersManila’s Song

It is with great pride and honor that we launch @IGersManila’s Song.

This is in collaboration with SoundCloud Philippines and this song reflects what our community is all about.  We hope you like it.  

#ktgvr by #SCPhils Artists


Music and Lyrics: Jerome Cleofas, Cian Garcia, Paola Lozare
Arrangement: Jerome Cleofas
Interpreted by: Drexler John Cruz, Jerome Cleofas, Sharm Nolledo, Paola Lozare, Iko Tan, Cian Garcia


Every picture has a story to tell
Every single image is a tale in itself
In every photo there’s a memory you’ll find
Every beautiful minute frozen in time


Everywhere there’s something good to be seen
In every color there’s a meaning to read
Every place could be a wonderful scene
Your eyes and your mind are all you need


Keep the good vibes rolling
Take and capture the moment
With every snap, filter and share
You gotta sieze that second, keep the good vibes rolling


Catch every instant that makes you smile
Or how the sun brings out the light in your eyes
Memorize the minutes that bring you to tears
Remember all the laughter that you’ve shared through the years


Keep the good vibes rolling
Take and capture the moment
With every snap, filter and share
You gotta sieze that second, keep the good vibes rolling


Share every instasmile instafun instaday
Instamoment that you capture, every story you tell
Instafeeling of joy, let the good vibes roll
Instasong that you sing


Keep the good vibes rolling
Take and capture the moment
With every snap, filter and share
You gotta sieze that second, keep the good vibes rolling

Follow the artists who contributed in this track!
Drexler Cruz: @theidlelad
Jerome Cleofas: @jerome-cleofas
Sharm Nolledo: @shaaarmn
Paola Lozare: @paola-lozare
Iko Tan: @ikomortensentan
Cian Garcia: @cianaron