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In support of Hero’s Wish, a parallel contest for the 25 Heroes of the “HEROES FOR BETTER” campaign, we would like to ask for your support by voting for your favorite hero from the 25 selected ordinary Filipinos who were able to achieve extraordinary things through their small acts of giving and heroism. Know who are these 25 heroes by reading their stories and VOTE FOR YOUR FAVORITE HERO UNTIL SEPTEMBER 28, 2015 AT 11:50PM. To vote, simply go to this link. The hero with most number of votes will receive USD 25,000 and a free round trip economy class ticket to the Philippines to attend a tribute ceremony on October 8, 2015.

To know more about this amazing campaign, read on what the organizers have to say:

“Western Union honors twenty-five Filipino migrants as Heroes for Better

After months of searching for Filipino migrants who had made an outstanding difference

in making a positive impact in the community, The Western Union Company

(NYSE:WU), a leader in global payment services, announced the top 25 Filipino

migrants who are living proof that Filipino migrants are indeed our modern day heroes.

Western Union had deemed it important to recognize heroic efforts of Filipino migrants,

to affirm their invaluable contribution to their families, communities and the country.

These migrants did not just send money back home; they had also given pride to the

Filipino community with their successful missions.

The “Heroes for Better” campaign celebrates the lives of migrant Filipinos, their work

and their personal advocacies because they were the ones who were courageous enough

to run after their dreams and to take it further by fulfilling other people’s dreams,” shares

Patricia Riingen, Senior Vice President, South East Asia & Oceania, Western Union.

“The campaign does not just recognize and tell their stories, it also provides them a

platform to inspire others to pay it forward.”

The 25 heroes are Eddie Vega, Nestor Puno, Nilo Beltran, Adelaida Saito, Edmond

Corpuz, Nanette Carillo, RJ Garcia, Agnes Granada, Mauro Oreta, Vangie Jorquia,

Consorcia De Leon-Scholtz, Jay Jaboneta Vincent Benares, Edna Dorado, Mary Jane Al

Mahdi, Hengie Taton, Mario Balboa, Alexis Belonio, Benette Cueto, Julieta Solas,

Armand and Bing Serrano, Judith Gonzales, Nilda Cochrane, Cecilia Cech, and Asma


“I guess it holds true for all of us heroes that it started with an issue that had affected us

and it simply compelled us to take action. It’s not that we wanted to change the world, we

just wanted to help in our own way,” says Nestor Puno.

“This recognition given to us by Western Union only inspires us to continue and even

extend the reach of our advocacies, involve more people, and hopefully influence other

migrants to start their own missions too,” adds Nilo Beltran.

Western Union will award USD25,000 to support the advocacy of the highest-voted hero.

People can vote for their favorite hero by logging on to

Voting closes on September 22, 2015 at 11:50pm.”

IGersManila believes in modern day heroism and we support campaigns that promotes positive vibes and inspiring stories. Let’s celebrate these heroes by simply voting for the person who most deserve the award. Vote now at

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It is innate for us to travel. As IGers, traveling is living up to the mantra “let’s Instagram the world.” As we keep exploring places and visiting family and friends, as we go out of our comfort zones finding your soul mate or seeking new job opportunities, we keep traveling and navigating the world as we journey through life. And with it, we keep a visual documentation of the things that transpires.

This week we feature #TheColl Snapshooter’s @i_bkf #Visual_Traveler on the #9pmhabit — documenting your travels visually and creatively.

Today, Friday 18-September-2015, we’re asking you our fellow Instagram’ers to snap, filter, and share visual stories of FOOD, those delicious and mouth-watering offerings and unique delicacies, of the places you have visited.

Spread creativity and positivity with your posts using your favorite photo edit and filter apps. Tag your post/s to @IGersManila and don’t forget to add #IGersManila #9pmhabit #Visual_Traveler #IGersPhilippines to your photo or video caption so we can add your work to our collage and get the chance to be featured as a #PhotoPick.

Typography Week

Typography has been part of our shared visual stories, as arranging type to make written language legible, readable, and appealing is both an art and technique. This week, we revisit #typography with the creative themes contributed through #9pmhabit.

Today, Saturday 12-September-2015, we’re asking you our fellow Instagram’ers to snap, filter, and share visual stories for @lizlrey’s #iCon_Verse – snapshots with words/phrases taken out from verses and passages.

Spread creativity and positivity with your posts using your favorite photo edit and filter apps. Tag your post/s to @IGersManila and don’t forget to add #IGersManila #9pmhabit #iCon_Verse #IGersPhilippines to your photo or video caption so we can add your work to our collage and get the chance to be featured as a #PhotoPick.

#IGersManila is ready for #ChangePH this #SocialMediaDay2015

The most shareable event ever is happening on the 27th of June, 2015 at the Museo Pambata Open Grounds from 10AM to 7PM. IGersManila is proud to be part of Social Media Day 2015 together with the top social media communities in the country namely Pinoy Exchange, SoundCloudPH, TumblrPH, Muni, iVolunteerPH, and many more. This yearly grand meetup is hosted by TweetUpMNL, who has been a pioneer in the Social Media Community in the Philippines. From 2013’s #FWDPH, to 2014’s #BoomPH, to this year’s #ChangePH, IGersManila will definitely be there along with thousands of people who have signed up.


The theme #ChangePH is about exploring the possibilities of what Social Media can do for us today and by expressing and inspiring people through our posts. IGersManila is ready for some changes and we can’t wait to tell #TheColl and #iCoss about our plans for the coming months.


Invite your friends and get free tickets to this year’s #SocialMediaDay2015 by registering at and know more about Social Media Day at @TweetUpMNL. See you there and keep the good vibes rolling!


#ChangePH Social Media Day

June 27, 2015 MNL, PH

Social Media Day 2015 in the Philippines is for and about #ChangePH.

It is an opportunity to look at new apps, new tools, new technologies that help bring about significant changes, big and small: Changes in how we Filipinos live, work, do business, travel, study, express, communicate, share, and form relationships.

It is a chance to discover new communities, to perform before new audiences, to witness rising new performers, and learn new skills that bring fresh starts: Changes in how we view things, people, and the world we live in.

It is a moment to gather less than a year before we vote for new leaders and for change in government: Changes that solve problems, empower citizens, promote fairness, and improve our country.

Thanks to the spirit of collaboration and cooperation, #ChangePH will be the fourth time the Philippines joins this annual global event spearheaded by Mashable. Yes, communities, partners and volunteers have always made the Philippines’ Social Media Day possible and always different since 2012.

In Manila, join us on June 27, 2015 at the open grounds of Museo Pambata, the country’s first interactive children’s museum. Together, let us support Museo Pambata as a learning center for Filipino children who should ultimately benefit from progressive changes we seek to win.

Similar events will be mounted in many other cities across the country, thanks again to thriving and communities nationwide.

Join and support Social Media Day 2015 and be champions of #ChangePH.


Makati City



IGersManila joins influr’s Assignment – #MTVMusicEvo

We are excited on the upcoming MTV Music Evolution which will take place at the Quirino Grandstand, Rizal Park in Manila on Sunday, 17 May 2015 that’s why we are joining influr’s assignment #MTVMusicEvo. influr, the international marketing site that collects and calculates your influence based on your Social Media posts particularly Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, has launched this exciting assignment for the Philippines. Earn your treats and get a entry wristband for the first-ever MTV Music Evolution happening in the country. How? Join the assignment and go to influr for the full instructions.


#TheMods @cclozano @edcalaycay and @ipetim are excited to see you on May 17 at the #MTVMusicEvo. Keep the good vibes rolling!

IGersManila invites you to #CaptureViga

In partnership with Rising Reel Productions, #IGersManila invites you to join Viga Catanduanes Adventure Photo Camp and Contest entitled

“Seeing Viga Through The Lens – Explore. Capture. Invite.” to be held on May 22-24, 2015.

#CaptureViga by Visualizing the Island by Going on an Adventure. Learn from great landscape photographers and get a chance to win 100,000 worth of prizes.

Know more about this photo camp at Rising Reel Productions’ FB Page or inquire and call 331-6645 or 09173361012.

Keep the good vibes rolling!


IGersManila supports the Affinitea Race

It’s truly an honor to be part of Affinitea Run‘s upcoming “Affinitea Race: For Every Mile, Experience Unfold presents Raise D’ Roof 2015 – More Than Medals”. In fact, it’s not IGersManila’s first time to be part of their prestigious event, it’ll actually be the second time that we are teaming up. The first one was the Affinitea #BrownRace last November 2014 which gave so many wonderful memories with our #TheColl.

This year, Affinitea Run is raising the bar higher with it’s back to back run with Raise D Roof and Brown Race Marathon. This exciting event was launch last 10-April-2015 at the Akira, Art of Sushi & Teppanyaki at Makati.

Know more and read what Affinitea Run has to say to all you exciting runners out there.


It all started when we join a fun run last 2013, thinking of how we can give back the blessings we are receiving from the business. At that very moment, we decided to make our own AffiniTea Run For A Cause. We didn’t hire any organizer because we don’t have any budget for it but since we believe in the saying that “there is always a first time” and if you’re happy with what you are doing then you will achieve what you desire. As we prepare for the event, many challenges arises such as suppliers, coordination and even relationships were slightly damage but we never fail to go back to our purpose that is where we started why we have this kind of event.  We strongly believe that purpose must come first in order for us to be successful in what we are doing.


The word AffiniTea is derived from the word “affinity” which means relationship, attraction or connection. It aims to provide a new level of tea experience with its high quality, health-inspired, and natural-sourced products. After all, we have a common affinity to TEA! AffiniTea is here to improve quality health while promoting camaraderie among tea aficionados.

The word AffiniTea was continuously used even in the race to bind family members, friends, colleagues, lovers and to meet new friends.


AffiniTeaRace to promote healthy lifestyle and camaraderie among friends and family members through running, while we serve our community to help the needy most especially the children.

Our purpose is to give wonderful experience to the runners and encourage them to support public charity.

BENEFICIARY : He Cares Foundation

Raise D’ Roof concept was started year 2013 the 1st run for cause of AffiniTea. The inspiration of the theme was to help the homeless street children, abuse children, and abandoned children from Tahanan ng Pagmamahal and this year beneficiary is from He Cares Foundation same as the above mentioned advocacy.

Brown Race inspiration came from being pro country ( Maka – Bayan). Brown Race has many meaning to us this can be Lahing Kayumangi, Angat Lahi or Takbo ng Lahing Kayumangi. Creating awareness about the identity and origin of a Filipino that we came from the ancestry of great heroes and rich civilization before the pre Spanish colonizers. To upholds hidden potentials and maximize it for the glory of God and the country. Last year theme were focus on “Deepening one’s Faith, Identity and Love for the Country”. We believe that it all started of knowing our origin – Creator how powerful He is and how wonderful we are made. Even to our categories we can learn lesson on how to be Angat Lahi? Starting at 3K Conqueror , 5K Excellence, 10K World Class and 16K is Champion. This year theme “Nurturing God’s Love, Core Gifts & Family Relations” through this theme we should able to answer the secret of success. Starting at 3K Dream, 5K Passion, 10K Potential, 16K Good Habit, 21K Character and 42K is Purpose.

IGersManila tastes the #PerfectCoke

It was such an honor to be part of Coca Cola Philippines‘ #SarapNgFirst #PerfectCoke launch last February 15, 2015 at Glorietta Mall Activity Center in Makati City. It was celebrated simultaneously with Cebu and Davao that made everyone wonder what the perfect coke tastes like. Together with #TheMods, #IGersManila’s #TheColl were there too to experience and rediscover the perfect coke for the first time.

#igersmanila's #TheMods and #TheColl is here at #SarapNgFirst #PerfectCoke Launch at Glorietta Activity Center!

A photo posted by IGersManila Philippines (@igersmanila) on

@igersmanila for Coca-Cola! Thanks guys for experiencing #SarapNgFirst with the #PerfectCoke with us! ❤️

A photo posted by Fatima Gaw (@fatimagaw) on–czfgn/?modal=true


We also received special gifts from Coca Cola so we can share the taste and experience the #PerfectCoke even on the go.





Philippines tastes the #PerfectCoke for the first time – truly a #SarapNgFirst

The past couple of weeks have been a guessing game for many Filipinos as beverage company Coca-Cola teased about “tasting Coke® for the first time again” through social media, TV, and several billboards along major highways. Many wondered how this could possibly happen as the popular drink has been in the Philippines for more than 100 years.

On February 15th, Sunday, we got the answer. Coca-Cola revealed that there is a way to enjoy an even better tasting and more refreshing Coke, as if having Coke for the first time! The secret? Chill your Coca-Cola bottle up to 3˚ Celsius and voilà! You now have a perfectly chilled Coca-Cola!

Jasmin Vinculado, Vice President for Marketing of Coca-Cola Philippines engaged the crowd with Coca-Cola trivia that gained oohs and aahs – “What’s the first word that comes to mind when asked about the taste of Coca-Cola? Some will say a bit spicy, others will say refreshing, or it may even be described as having a bite in the throat. No matter who you ask, there is not one word to describe the taste of Coca-Cola. This is what we call flavor amplitude – because flavors are well blended and balanced, it triggers all five primary tastes that creates the “bloom” in the mouth that is hard to describe. Basta masarap!”

So what exactly is the Perfect Coke experience? It is drinking from a Coca-Cola bottle chilled to perfection. Normally we get to taste Coke at 4 degrees Celsius or even warmer. But drinking it at 3 degrees takes the experience to a whole new level. It brings out that great Coca-Cola taste, like you’ve never tasted it before.

This was launched to the public through a simultaneous event done across the country – with key venues in Abreeza Mall Davao, Ayala Center Cebu, and Glorietta Mall in Makati. The afternoon was made more fun by performances from the Coke Ambassadors. Julia Montes & Jerome Ponce joined the celebration in Abreeza, Joseph Marco & Janella Salvador fired up Cebu, and Miles Ocampo & Manolo Pedrosa doubled the happiness in Glorietta.

Gigantic coolers – the first of its kind in the Philippines – were filled with ice and Coca-Cola bottles and were set up on each site. These came with giant thermometers showing the coolers’ temperatures, which started at 10˚ Celsius.

The highlight of the event was when the Coke Ambassadors, together with key Coke representatives in each venue, poured buckets of ice in the coolers – which made the temperature drop to 3˚ Celsius. It was a eureka moment as the audience realized that the key to getting the perfect Coke is simply by chilling it to 3˚.

The ambassadors and Coke officials then gave away samples of perfectly chilled Coca-Cola to the audience. True enough, Coke chilled to perfection is nothing like you’ve ever had before. Even avid Coke drinkers must be wondering how they’ve never had Coca-Cola this good.

Diego Granizo, the newly appointed General Manager of Coca-Cola Philippines, says this is the company’s way of re-connecting with the consumers. “We want them to re-discover the thrill, chill, and refreshing feeling of drinking a bottle of Coke, as if it’s their first time again,” he says.

In able to reach out to as many Filipinos as possible, Coca-Cola also introduced the new Coke Happy Cycles. After the simultaneous launch, these coolers on wheels were sent out to the streets and have since been going around barangays to serve perfectly chilled Coke.

For more details on the #PerfectCoke and how to chill one on your own, check out the official Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter accounts of Coca-Cola Philippines. Feel free to post about your #SarapNgFirst time taste of the #PerfectCoke experiences online.


Keep the good vibes rolling with the #PerfectCoke!

IGersManila’s wide-eyed exploration at The Mind Museum

When Nikki Solatorio of Greenbulb Public Relations, the communications agency of The Mind Museum invited IGersManila to attend The “Wide-Eyed Wanderer’s Exploration” – The Mind Museum’s Media Family Day last Saturday (March 22, 2014), we excitedly agreed. This was not our first time at the museum, last September 2013 we were lucky to witness the “Da Vinci The Genius” exhibit on the works and creations of the inventor and artist Leonardo Da Vinci.

#TheMods Ed Calaycay and Petim Maminta were accompanied by close friends and also members of #iCOSS such as Ryan Pesimo, Allan Flora, Angela Ramirez, Donnie Gamboa, and Raymond Sagun.

#TheMods and #iCoss with Kyle Imao - the first ever Junior MasterChef of the Philippines

#TheMods and #iCoss with Kyle Imao – the first ever Junior Master Chef of the Philippines

The Mind Museum welcomed their guests with Food Passports where we can taste delicious treats such as the Tiramisu Pots from Kyle’s Lab, sweet cupcakes and cake pops from Sophie’s Mom, refreshing ice cream from Sebastian’s Ice Cream, and mouth-watering pizza and nachos from Uncle Cheffy’s.

Guests were given a challenge: to complete the Wide-Eyed Wanderer’s Exploration Passport with stickers collected from The Mind Museum summer programs. Some of the programs we have went through are the Crime Scene Investigation 101, Marine Science Camp, the Apocalyse Project – Imagined Futures, and we even got a sticker just by watching the planetarium show entitled “Back to the Moon for Good” narrated by actor Tim Allen.

It was an incredible day and most of us felt like we were kids again with that unforgettable journey of exploring, learning, and experiencing science. It was no surprise why The Mind Museum has been going strong for the past two years of science, exploration, and creativity and has even gained international recognition. Because inside The Mind Museum, science really comes alive.

IGersManila snapshoots Preview’s Fashion X Art at the Art Fair Philippines 2014

When Preview Magazine’s Editor-in-Chief Pauline Suaco-Juan asked IGersManila to cover the Fashion X Art show at the Art Fair Philippines 2014, we undoubtedly and excitedly went and tagged along some of our active #iCoss members marking it as our second cover from the foremost fashion and lifestyle publication. The first was back in October 2013 at the Claudio Bravo: Sojourn in Manila where we had the opportunity to snap photos through a live portraiture session with muses Georgina Wilson, Liz Uy, and Bea Soriano.


The Art Fair Philippines was held on February 20-23, 2014 at the 6th and 7th floor of The Link Parkway Drive at the Ayala Center, Makati City. We went there in the afternoon of February 21, a Friday, to snap photos of the individual art forms of Rajo Laurel’s “Living Liquid”, Leeroy New’s “Chrysalis”, and Nikki Luna’s “Consume.”

Aside from us #TheMods, we were accompanied by 17 #iCoss members namely @nagaryan, @chakulit16, @ianaperalta, @jaimejim, @christofferking, @reyjohnino, @oscardelahopia, @mrjalandoni, @imalexxe, @darthmao_, @kiethwalter, @gelaramirez13, @claudsclaudio, @jodomu4u, @purplemj, @reinersmile, and @iamarjayofficial.

We are so proud that some of our #iCoss members received high praises from renowned fashion designer Rajo Laurel on their photos of his “Living Liquid”. He even included their photos in his website. Even sculptor, artist, and designer Leeroy New regram some photos of our #iCoss using his Instagram.

We have also witnessed works of well-known artists such as BenCab, Marina Cruz, Pio Abad, Ronald Ventura, and a lot more and we are looking forward to what the Art Fair Philippines will come up next.