#PIPE5 Mechanics

Excited to join  @IGersManila’s 5th Philippine Instagram Photo Exhibit #PIPE5? Please read the mechanics below!


Instagramers Manila Philippines (@IGersManila), the official Philippine representative of the http://instagramers.com network of cities and international Instagram communities, conducts an annual event dubbed as the Philippine Instagram Photo Exhibit (#PIPE) showcasing Pinoy’s visual artistry, creativity and ingenuity through mobile photography and visual storytelling.

Promoting photography using smartphones, this annual event has featured snapshots taken mostly from streets and public places that captures the unique Pinoy culture and lifestyle, thus the hashtag #KalyePH.


Now on it’s fifth annual run, the 5th Philippine Instagram Exhibit (“#PIPE5”), @IGersManila is deviating from the previous themes of the competition. This year’s exhibit shall adopt the theme ”Break The Rules!”
From the #PIPE tradition of focusing only on street photography #KalyePH, we are breaking the rules and going beyond the norm to expand the scope of the exhibit by including additional categories as part of the competition.
@IGersManila is also veering away from the structure of the previous exhibits by making this year’s exhibit an online competition only . Furthermore, the number of awards has been expanded to reflect the diversity of a community that @IGersManila has formed.

The new categories for #PIPE5 are the following:

  1. Street/#KalyePH
  2. Food/Drinks
  3. Portrait/People
  4. Nature/Landscape
  5. Black and White
  6. Typography
  7. Creative

Meet the #PIPE4 Batch 3 Qualifiers

With #IGMNL doing the 3rd and final leg of the photowalk round for the 4th Philippine Instagram Photo Exhibit #PIPE4, the following IGers were screened and selected by #TheComm to be part of Batch 3 for #PIPE4.

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Meet the #PIPE4 Batch 2 Qualifiers

After the successful first leg of the Photowalk round of Batch 1 at SM City North EDSA on 25-July for the 4th Philippine Instagram Photo Exhibit #PIPE4, it’s time to meet the qualifiers for Batch 2 of the Photowalk.

READ:Meet the #PIPE4 Batch 1 Qualifiers

READ: Mechanics for #PIPE4


The following IGers were screened and selected by #TheComm from the submissions of entries for #KalyePH2015 in Instagram. Meet the second batch of Pinoy IGers joining us as qualifiers for #PIPE4.

#IGMNL conducts #PIPE4_B1 Photowalk

On Saturday, 25-July-2015,  @IGersManila, in collaboration with @SMNorthEDSA, @SmartCares and @StoryTellPrints and major sponsor @PowerMacCenter conducted the first photowalk leading to the 4th Philippine Instagram Photo Exhibit #PIPE4 this October 2015.
Set at the brideway of Sky Garden in SM North EDSA, the event started with the traditional #IGMNL getting-to-know-you activities led by #TheMods @CCLozano, @EdCalaycay and @iPetim.

Ms. Joy Arsenio, Assistant Mall Manager of SM North EDSA, welcomed the qualifiers for #PIPE4_B1 Photowalk.

This was then followed by a hearty-merienda/photoshoot courtesy of @zarksburgers.


A photo posted by Cody Organo (@decode_e) on

A photo posted by @raymondsagun on

An hour of photowalk followed through covering SM North EDSA’s The Block, City Center and Sky Garden.

A photo posted by Petim Maminta (@ipetim) on

The qualifiers then reconvened for a session of editing and uploading entries for #PIPE4 with Ms. Abbie Real of Smart Communications joining and sponsoring our post-photowalk dinner.

See the submitted entries of the qualifiers for #PIPE4 Batch 1 in Instagram. Check the following hashtags:
and the behind the scenes shots at #PIPE4_B1BTS
Interested to join us for #PIPE4? Read the mechanics here. 
Keep the good vibes rolling! #KTGVR

#KalyePH goes class A

@IGersManila held the 3rd Philippine Instagram Exhibit at A Space Manila on 29-November-2014. This annual event showcases different visual stories captured and shared by Filipino IGers.

If you missed the launch of  #IGExhibitPH003, dubbed as #KalyePH2014,   you still have the chance to see and appreciate the works of the 63 Pinoy IGers/finalists. The canvases is currently housed at A. Venue Mall until Friday, 12-December-2014.

A. Venue is a mall by Best Western Plus Antel Hotel. It caters to all ages and houses international restaurants, posh boutiques, and offers premium services. You also have the option to dine al fresco at the Open Parking while listening to good live band music.

If you love to shop you can can do so even after mall hours at their midnight stalls. If you want to find out more about Best Western Antel Hotel’s state-of-the-art facilities go to http://www.antelhotel.com/a.venue

Visit A. Venue to see the #KalyePH2014 collage displayed on the second floor of the mall.  Ask your friends to tag along for a fun stroll around the mall.

Keep the good vibes rolling!


A Space Manila – More Than Just a Coworking Space

A Space Manila (A_SPACE) is a co-working space that resides at the heart of Makati Central Business District, opposite Greenbelt 5, at 110 Legaspi Street, Makati City. As described by Matt, Founder_CEO of A_SPACE, it is “my own perfect HQ for aspirations and ambitions, a crossroads for the innovation community.

@igersmanila is here at @ASpaceManila for #TheColl #MusterDate.

A photo posted by IGersManila Philippines (@igersmanila) on

Co-working spaces, which started in 2005, is fast becoming a trend here in the Philippines. It is typically creating a space/place that serves as an alternative to those who are working from home or those who work in cafes. Co-working spaces offer an environment that is more productive, more innovative, and giving people an opportunity to work with various professionals that normally wouldn’t be seen in one place. There are a couple of other co-working spaces in the metro, but according to an article in Coconuts Manila, A_SPACE is the most cosmopolitan of all the spaces they have surveyed. READ: @IGersManila relaunches #TheColl I attended @IGersManila’s #TheColl MusterDate at A_SPACE last 18-October-2014 that got me curious as to what the venue is all about. It is more than just a conventional workplace. They offer a lot of services too such as rocking spaces for events like workshops, film-screening, casual networking, etc.; assistance on serious matters like legal advice or accounting systems; design, music, and print inspirations; food and beverage offerings; and, a free gallery space offered to emerging visual artists.

Just this year, big events happened at the A_SPACE Gallery. They had an acoustic night with Sofar Sounds Manila, first _TALKS session with Oliver Segovia, and exhibits of French Photographer Romain Rivierre (FACÉtieux) and Beauty queen and UN Volunteer Reena Rae (I Am She).

And this coming November 29, IGersManila is proud to present its 3rd Philippine Instagram Photo Exhibit at the A_SPACE Gallery. More than 60 visual stories in black and white shall be displayed for #KalyePH2014 #IGExhibitPH003.

We invite you to join us at A Space Manila and see the amazing work of our fellow Instagram’ers on Saturday 29-November-2014. The gallery is open to the public from 12:00NN to 8:00PM only.

Keep the good vibes rolling! #ktgvr

Memoirs of a First-Time Exhibitor

It was in an exhibit that sparked in me the interest of becoming an Instagramer.

There I was in Glorietta seeing happy faces of proud exhibitors wayback 2012. Back then, I never understood why they were happy. It was a proud moment for them–which; as a spectator, everything seemed clueless and naive.

Then I became an Instagramer. For a person who seemed ‘late’ in joining this platform, I was never given a chance of having a screenshot of the phrase “Your photo made it to the popular page“. All I know is that every 9AM I should check what’s the theme of the day; take pictures or scan through hundreds in my gallery, and upload it 9PM sharp. You’d wake up the next day; well, somewhat hopeful and praying your entry is a #photopick.

Then one morning, I was picked. It became addicting, and was indeed a healthy vice. Then another photo was picked; then the next, and the next. There I saw progress in my feed. I had a more scrutinizing taste on what to post or not. I even found my own support group, which later turned to kins. Sharing apps, Apple ID passwords, styles and techniques.

When #KalyePH was launched November last year, I was honestly skeptic. Personally, I was never a fan of street photography. I never saw myself walking side street, taking photos. But there I was having my own entry, and was an exhibitor myself.

I finally understood why those happy faces in Glorietta 2013:

It feels great having your art immortalized; more so, exhibited.

Join us this year, as #KalyePH strips down all the colors and tones down the vibrancy. The 3rd Philippine Instagram Exhibit will showcase “Street Photography in Monochrome“. As the deadline of entry submission officially ended; let us start the countdown of welcoming all the finalists slash exhibitors, and usher the winners of this year’s exhibit.

Weeks from now, new stories of Instagraming will begin; Inspirations from exhibited immortalized art to unfold, and smiles will soon be painted.

Come on, let’s snap, filter and share. And keep the good vibes rolling!

IGersManila’s wide-eyed exploration at The Mind Museum

When Nikki Solatorio of Greenbulb Public Relations, the communications agency of The Mind Museum invited IGersManila to attend The “Wide-Eyed Wanderer’s Exploration” – The Mind Museum’s Media Family Day last Saturday (March 22, 2014), we excitedly agreed. This was not our first time at the museum, last September 2013 we were lucky to witness the “Da Vinci The Genius” exhibit on the works and creations of the inventor and artist Leonardo Da Vinci.

#TheMods Ed Calaycay and Petim Maminta were accompanied by close friends and also members of #iCOSS such as Ryan Pesimo, Allan Flora, Angela Ramirez, Donnie Gamboa, and Raymond Sagun.

#TheMods and #iCoss with Kyle Imao - the first ever Junior MasterChef of the Philippines

#TheMods and #iCoss with Kyle Imao – the first ever Junior Master Chef of the Philippines

The Mind Museum welcomed their guests with Food Passports where we can taste delicious treats such as the Tiramisu Pots from Kyle’s Lab, sweet cupcakes and cake pops from Sophie’s Mom, refreshing ice cream from Sebastian’s Ice Cream, and mouth-watering pizza and nachos from Uncle Cheffy’s.

Guests were given a challenge: to complete the Wide-Eyed Wanderer’s Exploration Passport with stickers collected from The Mind Museum summer programs. Some of the programs we have went through are the Crime Scene Investigation 101, Marine Science Camp, the Apocalyse Project – Imagined Futures, and we even got a sticker just by watching the planetarium show entitled “Back to the Moon for Good” narrated by actor Tim Allen.

It was an incredible day and most of us felt like we were kids again with that unforgettable journey of exploring, learning, and experiencing science. It was no surprise why The Mind Museum has been going strong for the past two years of science, exploration, and creativity and has even gained international recognition. Because inside The Mind Museum, science really comes alive.

IGersManila snapshoots Preview’s Fashion X Art at the Art Fair Philippines 2014

When Preview Magazine’s Editor-in-Chief Pauline Suaco-Juan asked IGersManila to cover the Fashion X Art show at the Art Fair Philippines 2014, we undoubtedly and excitedly went and tagged along some of our active #iCoss members marking it as our second cover from the foremost fashion and lifestyle publication. The first was back in October 2013 at the Claudio Bravo: Sojourn in Manila where we had the opportunity to snap photos through a live portraiture session with muses Georgina Wilson, Liz Uy, and Bea Soriano.


The Art Fair Philippines was held on February 20-23, 2014 at the 6th and 7th floor of The Link Parkway Drive at the Ayala Center, Makati City. We went there in the afternoon of February 21, a Friday, to snap photos of the individual art forms of Rajo Laurel’s “Living Liquid”, Leeroy New’s “Chrysalis”, and Nikki Luna’s “Consume.”

Aside from us #TheMods, we were accompanied by 17 #iCoss members namely @nagaryan, @chakulit16, @ianaperalta, @jaimejim, @christofferking, @reyjohnino, @oscardelahopia, @mrjalandoni, @imalexxe, @darthmao_, @kiethwalter, @gelaramirez13, @claudsclaudio, @jodomu4u, @purplemj, @reinersmile, and @iamarjayofficial.

We are so proud that some of our #iCoss members received high praises from renowned fashion designer Rajo Laurel on their photos of his “Living Liquid”. He even included their photos in his website. Even sculptor, artist, and designer Leeroy New regram some photos of our #iCoss using his Instagram.

We have also witnessed works of well-known artists such as BenCab, Marina Cruz, Pio Abad, Ronald Ventura, and a lot more and we are looking forward to what the Art Fair Philippines will come up next.


The #KalyePH Exhibit 2013 Entries and Winners

The Second Philippine Instagram Exhibit titled #KalyePH was held on December 28, 2013 at The Pavilion, Ilustrata Residences, Boni Serrano Avenue, Quezon City.


This year’s exhibit is in partnership with @profriendsweb and is sponsored by @thecoocakes, @beyondtheboxph, @digitalwalkerph, @jobyinc, @avonph, and @themindmuseum.