IGersManila continues to #CreateShareInspire at SM City East Ortigas’s KidCon 2017

Last May 2017, we were invited by SM City East Ortigas to take part in its Kid Con 2017 Summer Camp, along with other organizations, to offer a variety of creative and artistic endeavors and fun activities ideally for kids who are on school break or summer vacation.

#TheMods speak for #BoxTalksXIGersManila

On Saturday, 21-November-2015, @BeyondTheBoxPH invited #TheMods @CCLozano, @EdCalaycay and @iPetim for Box Talks.

Carrying this year’s theme of #CreateShareInspire in the #BoxTalks, #TheMods discussed the basics on instagram’ing.

    Anchored on @IGersManila’s mantra to “keep the good vibes rolling!”, @CCLozano’s talk focused on creating visual stories using your iOS devices while @iPetim’s discussion centered on the do’s and don’ts of sharing photos online. @EdCalaycay’s “inspire” session focused on captioning and typography. A demo of the apps commonly used for instagram’ing followed after with @Nagaryan sharing his expertise for VSCO. A quick photo challenge of @BeyondTheBoxPH’s Market! Market! branch was also conducted to cap the day’s event. Check out the attendees’ visual stories on Instagram! Use the hastag: #BoxTalksXIGersManila #BeyondTheBoxMarketMarket.    

Now happening! #BOXTALKSxIGersManila #BeyondTheBoxMarketMarket

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Keep the good vibes rolling! #KTGVR

#IGMNLOnCampus continues in UE

#IGMNLonCampus Ad

IGMNLonCampus Ad

The College of Computer Studies and System Student Council from University of the East Manila invited @IGersManila’s  #TheMods Carl Lozano, Ed Calaycay and Petim Maminta to have a talk on Instagramming 101: #CreateShareInspire. Attended by 30 UE students from different courses, the talk was held September 15, 2015  at the Basic Lab B (BLB) of University of the East, Sampaloc, Manila.

IGMNL - IGMNLonCampus - UE

IGMNLonCampus – “Circle” of Energy

The event started with @IGersManila’s signature ‘Pass the Energy’ as an icebreaker to the students.

The talk was subdivided into three topics, the first is ‘Create’ that was supposed to be shared by Daddy C but because he wasn’t able to come, Ed Calaycay and Petim Maminta handled that topic. This topic focused on how to snap and filter a better visual story.– including the tips and apps to use. #TheColl Snapshooter Reinmar Llamado (@breinmars in IG), who is also a UE student, and Ryan Pesimo (@nagaryan in IG)  joined the talk to share and demo apps to use for phone photography or phoneography.

@nagaryan demonstrated how to use the VSCO app wherein he shared different preset filters and the new features of VSCO, while @breinmars shared his knowledge about the Phono app — different features of the app like image overlays and of course the texts. He also shared how to install fonts to phonto online.

IGMNL - IGMNLonCampus - UE2

IGMNLonCampus – iPetim discussing “Share”

The next one is the ‘Share’ topic explained by @iPetim. The discussion centered on the do’s and dont’s for Instagram’ing. She also explained how you’ll gain friends or follower in Instagram.

IGMNLOnCampus - Ed Calaycay's "Inspire" talk

IGMNLOnCampus – Ed Calaycay’s “Inspire” talk

The last topic is ‘Inspire’ explained by @EdCalaycay. The talk revolved around the photos you’ve shared and how will it make a difference in your life, and how to inspire others to do ripple to good vibes.

The talk ended with everyone given an IGersManila pin as a souvenir , while some attendees got an #IGMNL mug.

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Thank you UE Warriors! #KTGVR. Til’ the next #IGMNLOnCampus.

#IGMNLonCampus - UE Attendees

#IGMNLonCampus – UE Attendees

#IGMNL goes beyond the frame for Worldwide Instameet 12 #WWIM12

Following @Instagram’s announcement for Worldwide Instameet 12 #WWIM12 on the weekeend of October 3-4, 2015,  @IGersManila, the official Philippine representative at the Instagramers.com network of Instagram cities and international communities created by Philippe Gonzalez, joins the Instagram’ing communities around the world for #WWIM12.

Set just a few days before Instagram’s 5th birthday, the theme for this #WWIM12 will  be portraits of people you meet — a celebration of the vibrant and diverse community that IG has grown through the five years since its inception.

Being the pioneering community in the Philippines, @IGersManila goes beyond the frame as it takes Instagram’ing into visual storytelling.

Instagramming 101: #CreateShareInspire

On 24-January-2015,  @IGersManila, in partnership with @SMNorthEDSA, welcomed 2015 with a three-hour workshop for IGers dubbed as Instagramming 101: #CreateShareInspire. #TheMods together with The Collaborators (#TheColl) talked about the basics of instagram’ing to jumpstart the series of community learning activities lined up for the year.

Instagramming 101 #CreateShareInspire #AnnexxIgersManila

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The 2014 #KalyePH visual stories of Filipino IGers were also showcased at the SM North EDSA Cyberzone from January 24 to February 6. On the day of the event, shoppers were invited to appreciate the visual stories on display and were given the chance to cast their votes for the SM Shoppers’ Choice. Casting your vote gave you a chance to win @IGersmanila T-shirts and souvenirs. Performances by talented artists of @SoundCloudPH were also featured throughout the program. Keiko Sarmiento Necesario, Kian Dionisio, and the Hapiville Band graced the event with good music as #TheMods talked about the Instagramming workflow:  


Carl Lozano (@cclozano in IG), fondly called Daddy C, talked about turning a photo into a visual story. He introduced some of the most used apps: Snapseed, VSCO, Phonto, and Studio. With the help of collaborators @ianaperalta, @nagaryan, @iamkebok, and @breinmars he also demonstrated how these apps are used to enhance photos and create stories to share.

Petim Maminta (@ipetim in IG) followed through with a discussion on the do’s and don’ts of sharing visual stories online. She shared tips on how to caption a photo to make it more interesting. She also listed the top hashtags to use to make your visual story more searchable and give it a better chance to inspire fellow IGers.

Ed Calaycay (@edcalaycay in IG) closed the discussion by sharing @IGersmanila’s projects and collaboration with different groups to bring IGers together and inspire them to keep sharing their visual stories. He also showed some of the #iCoss members’ feeds to encourage the audience to also #CreateShareInspire and help keep the good vibes rolling.

SM North EDSA was also generous enough to set up a photo printing corner and everyone who tagged their IG posts with #CreatShareInspire and #ANNEXxIGersManila had their photos printed out for free. The event was capped off with the awarding of winners. IGers @ivanborlongan, @raymondsagun, @breinmars @oneofthefewgood @paglaom @joanis135 won the SM Shopper’s Choice awards and received gift certificates and gift items courtesy of SM North EDSA.

It was a fun afternoon of learning and entertainment. Instagramming 101 is just the beginning. Watch out for more exciting community events!

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