The #PinoyPhotoHunt Week

We’ve been doing #PinoyPhotoHunt for the #9pmhabit daily photo challenge since Monday (24-July-2011) and for the rest of the week.

It’s like a typical photo hunt, but with this challenge, Pinoy IGers are asked to find and snap photos of around four (4) subjects, which actually are clues to something to guess (say an event, a movie, a place, a personality, etc.), to be posted as a collage.

To make a photo collage, here are some apps you can use: Diptic (paid), PhotoShake (paid), PhotoSplit (paid), Photo Mess (free), and Montager (free).

Last Monday was @ipetim’s “birthday” things (above: cake, balloons, gifts, candle), did you get it right? We know you did and we hope you enjoyed the photo hunting. Today’s a little different, check the collage below (by @ipetim), find something common, tag your post, then make your guess.

We’re looking forward to what you come up with at tonight’s #9pmhabit #PinoyPhotoHunt. Follow @IGersManila in Instagram, have fun, interact, and keep the good vibes!

Check your pop photos

While Instagram now notifies you if your photo has made it to the popular page, you can also find out via web by going to Populagram. Pretty much like other Instagram web viewers, however Populagram only shows you your photos that made the pop page (requires logging in using your Instagram info). It also provides other stats like popular tags, users, locations, and Instagram filters and offers you a photo widget that you put on your blog.

So go ahead, see if any of your photos did hit the pop page.

#Patimpalak01 Winner @jumbowjoint

Based on the number of likes determined and deliberated by the moderators, the winner of @IGersManila’s Photo Contest #Patimpalak01 “Kalye” (Street Photography) is @jumbowjoint.

Get to know the Pinoy IGer behind this winning photo:

The name’s Jumbow. From Kalookan. Often imitated, never duplicated. A skateboard/surf fanatic, got a passion for tattoos and a deep music lover. Music & Photography are the main ingredients in my life, without it I’m dead! I started using Instagram as a past time. I love to trip on the filters, never would i thought i would bump into @IGersmanila. Also, I did not expect to win the contest and now I’m having a hard time what to do with the US$10 iTunes GC price! But one thing’s for sure, I would treat the man on my picture a bottle of gin as a sign of my gratitude.

Follow @jumbowjoint in Instagram.

Congratulations and thanks to all who participated. More exciting and challenging photo contests coming soon. Keep the good vibes and mabuhay Pinoy IGers! #IGersManila Team @cclozano @edcalaycay @ipetim @pinkipop27.

What’s up with Instagram?

What’s up with Instagram?

The 4th Manila Instameet

The 4th and biggest Manila Instameet so far – 09 July 2011 Saturday at the Eastwood City – InstaTalk and Photo Hunt at Starbucks Coffee Eastwood Mall; Dinner and more InstaTalk at Fazoli’s Eastwood City Walk; InstaToast at Jack’s Loft Eastwood City Walk.

Thanks to all Pinoy IGers who participated: @edcalaycay @ipetim @sgt_pepper79 @alexascribe @jaimejim @kikoski @dabid_isaac @gooeyboy @jelloc @iammoony @doctonton @chinggaaayyy @lexmnl @yzzellah07 @diannevee @firstratejey @goldggranada @art_87 @mommakoosh @faiye @perrywarrend @hitomigurl @silentforce_ame @jok_only @ilovewango @kissmelater @igop @zerepcram @warrenjc on videocall @pinkipop27 @otan @vallyism

Early Bird: @sgt_pepper79

Photo Hunt Winners: @doctonton @kikoski @gooeyboy

Thanks for the US$10 iTunes Gift Certificates: @pinkipop27 and @otan

Minor Prizes (the greenies): @cclozano

The @IGersManila Team: @cclozano @edcalaycay @ipetim @pinkipop27

Check out the previous Instameets. See you next Manila Instameet!

Mabuhay Pinoy IGers!

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