#ManilaInstameet at the ATG

BIG THANKS to Pinoy IGers who joined us at the 8th @IGersManila #ManilaInstameet and 4th #Instagram Worldwide #Instameet at the Ayala Triangle Gardens, 11 March 2012, Sunday.

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Thanks to our sponsors #AyalaLand through @gymjunkie and @shiaolien, @ChooseTattoo #TattAwards through @coycaballes @batangyagit, @StickyGram and @jaimejim for the gifts, @akosimakoiski for the awesome IDs and @alexascribe @iammoony for helping out in the registration.

Our customary mugshot of each IGer in attendance.

The unforgettable “Porky Adobo” activities that energized everyone!

Congratulations to the raffle winners of prizes from Globe Tattoo (US$25.00 iTunes Cards and Tattoo SuperStick), Ayala Land (holders), Jimmy Hilario (calendars), and #TheMods Ed and Petim (Starbucks GCs). 

Group and jump shots of over 80 participants.

Winners of the “7 on the 8th” Photo Walk Contest, each winning a US$10.00 iTunes Card from #IGersManila #TheMods.

Until the next #ManilaInstameet, keep the #goodvibes rolling! #IGersManila #TheMods @cclozano @edcalaycay @ipetim @pinkipop27.

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Carl C. Lozano or CCLozano is an Operations Management Professional, currently the GM for a Telesales and Customer Service company; founder of @IGersManila, one of the pioneering communities in Instagram, open to Filipino Instagram'ers (IGers) and phoneographers around the world, with its longest running photo challenge - the #IGersManila #9pmhabit - becoming the daily visual storytelling habit that continues to yield positive interaction online and offline.