@IGersManila Relaunches #TheColl

Last October 4, 2014, during the Worldwide Instameet 10 #WWIM10, @IGersManila opened the membership of The Collaborators (fondly called #TheColl). As initially envisaged, #TheColl is a group of active IGers who will be working closely with #TheMods for upcoming online and offline activities for the community.

So last Saturday, October 18, interested IGers who applied for #TheColl were convened at A Space Manila for a brief meeting called the #MusterDate. The #MusterDate commenced with the signature ice breaker and get-to-know you activities by #TheMods.

#TheColl Relaunched

@CClozano (fondly called by everyone as DaddyC), founder of IGersManila, lead the main discussion for the day. Starting with a brief history of Instagram, coupled with the latest statistics about the app, the discussion went smoothly and lively as Daddy C shared @IGersManila’s history, activities and achievement throughout the 3 years of its existence.

Then, he proceeded to the main topic of the day: the relaunching of #TheColl.  #TheColl has been restructured to have a tiered membership. The group will have 5 tiers corresponding to the colors of @IGersManila’s logo– green, blue, pink, fuchsia and yellow gold.

Each color corresponds to a badge that can only be given to a member of #TheColl once he completes the tasks assigned to that particular color. A pinning ceremony is slated to recognize members of #TheColl who have accomplished tasks assigned to a color.

WATCH: #TheColl Relaunching 

Birthday Surprise

Before the open discussion began, a cake in light bulb shape was entered in the room. Surprise! Happy birthday to the #lightology queen, @iPetim! Cakes and tarps popped out as the group sang her a happy birthday song, and of course, snap pictures of the birthday girl.

Afterwards, #TheMods opened the floor for questions regarding the topics that was discussed. It was evident with the inquiries how engaged and challenged the participants were. The day’s event ended with a sneak peek of the #KalyePh2014 Exhibit venue.

Interested in applying for #TheColl? Check the requirements and sign-up here.

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