#PIPE5 Finalists Announcement

#IGMNL announces #PIPE5 Finalists

After the week of call of submission of entries for the different categories for the 5th Philippine Instagram Photo Exhibit #PIPE5, @IGersManila announces the finalists who qualified for the next phase of the competition – #TheBattles.

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Congratulations to the finalists for the categories below!









This page shall be updated as @IGersManila announces the winners on its Instagram page.

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#PIPE5 Mechanics

Excited to join  @IGersManila’s 5th Philippine Instagram Photo Exhibit #PIPE5? Please read the mechanics below!


Instagramers Manila Philippines (@IGersManila), the official Philippine representative of the http://instagramers.com network of cities and international Instagram communities, conducts an annual event dubbed as the Philippine Instagram Photo Exhibit (#PIPE) showcasing Pinoy’s visual artistry, creativity and ingenuity through mobile photography and visual storytelling.

Promoting photography using smartphones, this annual event has featured snapshots taken mostly from streets and public places that captures the unique Pinoy culture and lifestyle, thus the hashtag #KalyePH.


Now on it’s fifth annual run, the 5th Philippine Instagram Exhibit (“#PIPE5”), @IGersManila is deviating from the previous themes of the competition. This year’s exhibit shall adopt the theme ”Break The Rules!”
From the #PIPE tradition of focusing only on street photography #KalyePH, we are breaking the rules and going beyond the norm to expand the scope of the exhibit by including additional categories as part of the competition.
@IGersManila is also veering away from the structure of the previous exhibits by making this year’s exhibit an online competition only . Furthermore, the number of awards has been expanded to reflect the diversity of a community that @IGersManila has formed.

The new categories for #PIPE5 are the following:

  1. Street/#KalyePH
  2. Food/Drinks
  3. Portrait/People
  4. Nature/Landscape
  5. Black and White
  6. Typography
  7. Creative

IGMNL introduces new categories for #PIPE5

With the theme “Break the Rules!”, this year’s Philippine Instagram Photo Exhibit is now on its fifth run.

From the usual #KalyePH gallery of entries, this year, the exhibit has expanded to include six new categories.

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Check out the 7 categories for #PIPE5.



Food and Drinks


Nature and Landscape




Black and White





Check out @IGersManila’s #9pmhabit theme #IGM_PIPE5 and see the amazing sample photos submitted by our fellow IGers!

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#PIPE4 Awards

During the opening of @IGersManila’s #PIPE4 at The Annex SM City North EDSA on 24-October-2015, IGers and mall goers were requested to vote for the Exhibitors’ Choice and the Shoppers’ Choice among the visual stories on display for the annual exhibit.

Melding portraiture and street photography, this year’s theme highlighted the Filipino malling lifestyle. Exhibitors, shoppers and mall-goers gamely voted for three (3) of their most liked visual story on display printed by @StoryTellPrints.

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The votes casted were counted and tallied by #TheMods and the winners received gift certificates courtesy of @SMCityNorthEDSA.

The winner for Exhibitors’ Choice is @klevinklevorn while Shoppers’ Choice award were bagged by @alperrpadiernos and @mrjalandoni. The winners received gift certificates courtesy of @SMCityNorthEDSA.

Congratulations to #PIPE4 Exhibitors’ Choice @klevinklevorn and Shoppers’ Choice @mrjalandoni and @alperrpadiernos– our major awards winners during the opening ceremoniesof the 4th Philippine Instagram Photo Exhibit #IGMNL #PIPE4 at the Upper Ground Floor, The Annex, SM City North Edsa on 24 October 2015. Exhibit runs until Friday 30-October-2015. Check out the gallery of more than 50 visual stories depicting the Filipino malling lifestyle. This event is in partnership with @SMNorthEDSA @SmartCares and @StorytellPrints.Special thanks to our major sponsor @PowerMacCenter, minor sponsor @ValdaPilipinas, and media sponsors @BlogWatchPH @PinoyExchange @TweetUpMNL @TheSoshalNetwork @MozillaPH. Keep the good vibes rolling! #ktgvr

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Aside from these major awards, @IGersManila also gave special awards for the following: Best dressed Male Exhibitor – @ivanborlongan   Best dressed Female Exhibitor – @rubysparks___   Most Active Male Cheerer – @dieyitis   Most Active Female Cheerer – @msjuanta   Early Birds – @mrjalandoni and @breinmars   #PIPE4 Hashtaggers – @zenti_zenzen and @marcoenriquez_   Best Male Exhibit Promoter – @roy.chester   Best Female Exhibit Promoter – @vivavoom  

The remaining two awards for this year’s exhibit — the #TheColl Visual Story of the Year and #iCoss Visual Story of the Year shall be announced  on #IGNitePH2015 – @IGersManila’s Yearender Special happening on 5-December-2015.

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#IGMNL opens #PIPE4 Gallery at SM North EDSA

Now on its 4th year, @IGersManila opens the annual Philippine Instagram Photo Exhibit #PIPE4 at the Annex, SM City North EDSA on 24-October-2015.
In partnership with @SMNorthEDSA, @SmartCares and @StorytellPrints, the gallery of more than 60 visual stories was displayed at the Upper Ground Floor from Saturday, 24-October to Friday, 30-October.

#IGMNL ends #PIPE4 Photowalks with Batch 3

On September 19, 2015, @IGersManila, in partnership with @SMNorthEdsa, @SmartCares  and @StoryTellPrints , sponsored by @PowerMacCenter and supported by @ValdaPilipinas, conducted the 3rd and the last leg of the photowalk round of 4th Philippine Instagram Photo Exhibit #PIPE4 held at the  premises of SM North EDSA.

It started with the tradition of Circle of Energy to hype the event followed by a short introduction of @IGerManila by our founder, Carl Lozano (aka Daddy C) and a welcome address by Ms. Che Che Samson, Mall Manager of SM City North EDSA. The qualifiers introduced themselves thereafter.

Yoshinoya #KPopAsha treats IGMNL

IGMNL - Yoshinoya KPopAsha

September 19, 2015 — the third batch of qualifiers had their photowalk in SM City North Edsa. After getting oriented about the photowalk, they had an scrumptious snacks from Yoshinoya. It was called Japanese Famous Beef Bowl — bowl of rice topped with beef and onion simmered in a mildly sweet sauce. Everyone was excited when the food was being served by the very friendly staff of Yoshinoya at SM City North Edsa. Of course, before eating those yummy beef bowl, time to snap and edit for the #PIPE4_B3BTS and the hashtag provided by Yoshinoya, #KpopAsha.

After the snacks, everyone is now ready to snap, filter share photos in SM North Edsa for #PIPE4_B3. Thank you Yoshinoya! Keep The Good Vibes Rolling. #KTGVR


Meet the #PIPE4 Batch 3 Qualifiers

With #IGMNL doing the 3rd and final leg of the photowalk round for the 4th Philippine Instagram Photo Exhibit #PIPE4, the following IGers were screened and selected by #TheComm to be part of Batch 3 for #PIPE4.

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IGMNL tastes Yoshinoya’s #FamousJapaneseBeefBowl

On, August 15, 2015, IGersManila held the second leg of the photowalk for the upcoming 4th Philippine Instagram Photo Exhibit #PIPE4 at SM City North EDSA .
We have dined at Yoshinoya Philippines, a Japanese restaurant, and we were treated with their #FamousJapaneseBeefBowl.

The tenderness of the beef will melt inside your mouth leaving you want for more. Served with rice and a sprinkle of sesame seeds, their Beef Bowl will give you a genuine Japanese flavour and will definitely give you gustatory delights! The perfectly chilled red tea will satisfy and quench your thirst, too.


What’s the best way to end a satisfying meal? Of course, a dessert! Yoshinoya’s Mango Tiramisu, one of their sweetest treats will provide and satisfy your sweet buds’ cravings.


Our huge thanks to Yoshinoya Philippines for treating IGersManila’s #TheMods, #TheColl, and #PIPE4 Batch 2 Qualifiers a sumptuous meal and for letting us experience a taste from the land of the rising sun.



Always, keep the good vibes rolling! #ktgvr

Meet the #PIPE4 Batch 2 Qualifiers

After the successful first leg of the Photowalk round of Batch 1 at SM City North EDSA on 25-July for the 4th Philippine Instagram Photo Exhibit #PIPE4, it’s time to meet the qualifiers for Batch 2 of the Photowalk.

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The following IGers were screened and selected by #TheComm from the submissions of entries for #KalyePH2015 in Instagram. Meet the second batch of Pinoy IGers joining us as qualifiers for #PIPE4.