IGersManila continues to #CreateShareInspire at SM City East Ortigas’s KidCon 2017

Last May 2017, we were invited by SM City East Ortigas to take part in its Kid Con 2017 Summer Camp, along with other organizations, to offer a variety of creative and artistic endeavors and fun activities ideally for kids who are on school break or summer vacation.

Own an iPhone 7? Shoot!

Apple’s iPhone, with its many iterations especially camera enhancements, and through the help of creativity apps, has changed the way we snap and share our photos and videos, proving true what Chase Jarvis proclaimed as “the best camera is that one that’s with you.” And you didn’t have to be a pro to be able to capture the beauty of subjects and scenes around you, and in most situations, your iPhone will do the trick, even quick.

700 million strong and more features than ever

The photo-sharing app and the community it built that’s relatively unknown some 6 years ago is now 700 million strong. That’s no longer news, as that milestone was reached last April, what’s more notable though, are the new (and some copycat) features being rolled out faster by Instagram.

Vote for your #WUHeroes!

In support of Hero’s Wish, a parallel contest for the 25 Heroes of the “HEROES FOR BETTER” campaign, we would like to ask for your support by voting for your favorite hero from the 25 selected ordinary Filipinos who were able to achieve extraordinary things through their small acts of giving and heroism. Know who are these 25 heroes by reading their stories and VOTE FOR YOUR FAVORITE HERO UNTIL SEPTEMBER 28, 2015 AT 11:50PM. To vote, simply go to this link. The hero with most number of votes will receive USD 25,000 and a free round trip economy class ticket to the Philippines to attend a tribute ceremony on October 8, 2015.

To know more about this amazing campaign, read on what the organizers have to say:

“Western Union honors twenty-five Filipino migrants as Heroes for Better

After months of searching for Filipino migrants who had made an outstanding difference

in making a positive impact in the community, The Western Union Company

(NYSE:WU), a leader in global payment services, announced the top 25 Filipino

migrants who are living proof that Filipino migrants are indeed our modern day heroes.

Western Union had deemed it important to recognize heroic efforts of Filipino migrants,

to affirm their invaluable contribution to their families, communities and the country.

These migrants did not just send money back home; they had also given pride to the

Filipino community with their successful missions.

The “Heroes for Better” campaign celebrates the lives of migrant Filipinos, their work

and their personal advocacies because they were the ones who were courageous enough

to run after their dreams and to take it further by fulfilling other people’s dreams,” shares

Patricia Riingen, Senior Vice President, South East Asia & Oceania, Western Union.

“The campaign does not just recognize and tell their stories, it also provides them a

platform to inspire others to pay it forward.”

The 25 heroes are Eddie Vega, Nestor Puno, Nilo Beltran, Adelaida Saito, Edmond

Corpuz, Nanette Carillo, RJ Garcia, Agnes Granada, Mauro Oreta, Vangie Jorquia,

Consorcia De Leon-Scholtz, Jay Jaboneta Vincent Benares, Edna Dorado, Mary Jane Al

Mahdi, Hengie Taton, Mario Balboa, Alexis Belonio, Benette Cueto, Julieta Solas,

Armand and Bing Serrano, Judith Gonzales, Nilda Cochrane, Cecilia Cech, and Asma


“I guess it holds true for all of us heroes that it started with an issue that had affected us

and it simply compelled us to take action. It’s not that we wanted to change the world, we

just wanted to help in our own way,” says Nestor Puno.

“This recognition given to us by Western Union only inspires us to continue and even

extend the reach of our advocacies, involve more people, and hopefully influence other

migrants to start their own missions too,” adds Nilo Beltran.

Western Union will award USD25,000 to support the advocacy of the highest-voted hero.

People can vote for their favorite hero by logging on to www.wuheroesforbetter.org.

Voting closes on September 22, 2015 at 11:50pm.”

IGersManila believes in modern day heroism and we support campaigns that promotes positive vibes and inspiring stories. Let’s celebrate these heroes by simply voting for the person who most deserve the award. Vote now at http://www.wuheroesforbetter.org/leaderboard/

Keep the good vibes rolling!

Our #IGFeatureWish through #IGMNLonViber

With the recent updates on Instagram like sharing of photos and videos in portrait and landscape orientation, and the recent update on its Direct Message, we wonder; are there any more features we wanted to wish for?

Through IGersManila’s Viber Public Chat Room, we came upon a Question Of The Day or a #QOTD where we asked co-#TheMods, some #TheColl, and our #KaViber or those people following us on Viber to answer our question:

“If you can request ONE new feature added on Instagram, what will be your #IGFeatureWish and why?”

See screenshots of our answers:

It turns out, we got pretty interesting answers from #TheMods, #TheColl, and our #KaViber. Here is the summarized list of our #IGFeatureWish:

Text on Photos. It’s no secret that we love putting those witty words, relatable lyrics, and #YOLO statements on our photos. Most of us wished that Instagram could add a feature where we can add text on our photos directly instead of using another App.

Multiple Log-In. Since some of us, have more than one Instagram account, we wish that Instagram could have a feature that enables you to switch accounts without logging in like how it was done in other social media platforms. We feel that this feature will help make Social Media Managers lives easier.

Scheduled Posts. Though we know that the very purpose of Instagram is to post photos captured spontaneously, scheduled posts will help those who have a very hectic schedule to keep on instagram’ing, and not miss a day’s theme.

There are other several features we wanted to be added, but we feel that these top three requests are with higher demand and of importance for today’s Instagram’ing. How about you, what is your #IGFeatureWish? Tell us all about it by using the hashtags #IGFeatureWish and #IGMNLonViber.

We are looking forward to your suggestions. Keep the good vibes rolling! #KTGVR


#PIPE4_B1 With Their Zark’s Burgers

Meaty, cheesy, and BIG.

Those are the first three things that popped in our heads when we saw the Zark’s Burgers being served to us during the #PIPE4 Batch 1 Photowalk at SM North Edsa. We were presented with mouth-watering burgers with different styles, and different meaty flavors.


Thanks to Zark’s Burgers’ Joseph of SM North branch for being very accommodating.



Our #PIPE4_B1 and #TheColl can’t get enough of their delicious instagram’able burgers.



Watch out for the next batch of our #PIPE4 Qualifiers and their photowalk this August 2015 at SM North Edsa with our partners Smart Communications, Storytell Prints, and with our major sponsor Power Mac Center.

Keep the good vibes rolling!

A Very ‘Social’ Change

The Internet has always been one of the greatest inventions humanity has ever created. Communication and information is at our fingertips. It defies human intelligence that no one has ever thought of. It created possibilities that are very useful to the entire humankind. And one of those possibilities is Social Media.

Social Media according to the definition is the collective of online communications channels dedicated to community-based input, interaction, content-sharing and collaboration.

With the mushrooming of technology, social media is also escalating its power to provide information in most easiest and fastest way; influencing people in its most favorable way. However, just like everything else, there’s a downside to Social Media. Sometimes it creates misconceptions that it usually loses its fashion and its credibility which greatly affect not a single person but an entire community. Therefore, Social Media should be a tool for change–a change that humanity is dreaming for.

Social Media Day was launched four (4) years ago. There were reasons why it was created. Simply to inform, educate and spread awareness to netizens and the people. Last June 27, 2015 was the 4th Social Media Day in the Philippines held at Museo Pambata in the City of Manila. Hundreds of netizens flocked in the said event. It was a celebration of the power of social media. The global event was spearheaded by Mashable and was made possible here in the Philippines–the social media capital of the world. Together with communities, partners, and volunteers led by TweetUpMNL since 2012. All those communities (including IGersManila), partners and volunteers gathered and set up their booths and provided noteworthy activities for the participants. Aside from getting and acquiring new trends, apps and other social media functions, fora were also conducted, with local guests from some of the most influential people in social media today including Antoinette Jadaone, the director of the blockbuster indie movie, That Thing Called Tadhana.

But it wasn’t just a celebration, it was a revolution. A revolution engaging and aiming for change. As we march closer to our Presidential Election, it was the perfect time for us netizens to voice out what change we want–for our country. We have the will to influence people. We should take advantage the power of social media in most honest way. We aim to provide information, help and cater people’s needs as much as we can. We channel to every Filipino around the world to help build and create a better Philippines.

Indeed, it was a festive day for everyone. It was also a day of friendship where everyone had a chance to meet new people and gain friends. Smiles were contagious and excitement slithered all over the place. Exhaustion was never part of the event. Just like any celebration, everyone went home with pockets full of prices and freebies. Social Media Day 2015 was definitely celebrated with a bang!

We are the people. We are the Social Media…and we ALWAYS know how to keep the good vibes rolling!

See y’all at the next #SocialMediaDay!

See photos below by our fellow #igers!


Instagrammable Things To Do At #SocialMediaDay2015 #ChangePH

Happening this Saturday 27-June-2015 from 10:00am to 8:00pm at the Museo Pambata Open Grounds is the biggest social media gathering of 2015, bringing together online communities in the Philippines, in celebration of #SocialMediaDay2015. @IGersManila will be there, and yes, we’re ready for #ChangePH. If you haven’t already, better get your free ticket at bit.ly/ChangePH, else you’ll get that FOMO (fear of missing out), as there are a lot of exciting must-do this whole day of Saturday–so tag along your friends and loved ones, and make sure you bring with you fully-charged mobile devices.

We’re embracing #ChangePH, a timely theme as @IGersManila adapts to change, and as we reminisce how our Instagram’ing habits have evolved, here are Instagrammable things you can do at this year’s most sharable event.


Here’s your chance to meet and interact not only with IGersManila but with various online communities, non-profits, advocacies, and social media savvy brands, each with Instagrammable, uniquely-designed booth and ready with fun activities you’ll surely enjoy and exciting contests where you can get to take home a surprise gift or two. Snap photos and videos of you or your friends at the expo and upload not only in Instagram but in all major social media networks, and who knows, tagging communities to your posts might win you more prizes! Be snap-happy and have fun checking out the community booths. Gadgets, mascots, sumptuous food, colorful drinks, cute stuff, amazing freebies, interesting activities, new online and offline friends–these will be your Instagram subjects. Come on time and ask each community for official hashtags to be used.


If you registered to @IGersManila’s Circle of Snapshooters #iCoss, you should have received an email to join our exclusive, invite-only Instameet right inside the amazing museum of Museo Pambata from 1:00pm to 3:00pm. Get to meet our moderators and collaborators who will be there to orient and guide you on the photowalk activities and show you around. Here’s where you’ll need your fully-charged camera phone, though we’re sure you have a power bank on hand, a wifi modem if you have one (there’ll be plenty of available wifi at the venue of course), and that monopod or selfie stick. We’re excited to see what awesome visual stories from the museum IGers will come up with.


Snap and learn this time, because in the afternoon, @TweetupMNL lined up lightning talks on a myriad of topics that will show you how social media and technology has changed or affected our daily lives. Throw a challenging question or two for the speaker on your favorite topics and cap each session with a selfie worth bragging about to your friends and share your wonderful learning experience.

That’s it, if you think this list isn’t Instagrammable enough, then check out the IGersManila booth, we’ve prepared snapshooting activities and amazing surprises for our fellow IGers. Keep the good vibes rolling! #ktgvr

Artwork courtesy of Tweetup MNL.


@IGersManila Adapts to Change

True to its mission of fostering creativity through its daily visual storytelling habit focused on positive vibes, @IGersManila has been adapting to changes and trends in Instagram.


Being the kickstarter of Instagram communities in the Philippines, @IGersManila has pioneered organizing the wackiest Instameets and interactive projects/contests.

Going beyond the usual meetups, we have embedded fun and memorable getting-to-know-you activities and always included our uniquely colorful Pinoy visual creativity in photowalks and photoshoots.

Organizing these events for the community is @IGersManila’s team of moderators and collaborators who have been doing this for the sheer passion and love for the photo-sharing app and the huge global community it built.


Being one of the longest running daily photo challenges in Instagram, the #9pmhabit has pioneered featuring outstanding visual stories of Pinoy Instagram’ers.

Initially done via a collage of four outstanding visual art, the #PhotoPick served as the bragging rights for our IGers.

With Instagram’s introduction of videos, we also launched the video collage of the #PhotoPick, with our very own community song #KTGVR playing in the background. This year, with the aim of filling our Instagram feed with posts the community has been sharing, and of visual stories that standout, @IGersManila now features the #PhotoPick individually, as is with no editing.


We continue to represent the bigger population of IGers proudly hashtagging to #IGersManila and doing this for fun, enjoyment, and #AllForLove of the community that brings out the creative expression of Pinoy IGers through phoneography.

As the community grows, we continue to adapt to changes and trends in social media, particularly in collaborating online and offline while we keep on bringing out the ingenuity of IGers in expressing their unique artistry through visual storytelling.

Join us this Saturday 27-June-2015 for #SocialMediaDay2015 at the Museo Pambata Open Grounds, as we collaborate with online communities in celebrating and embracing #ChangePH. This is an opportunity for you to try new apps, new tools, new technologies, as we form new interactions and friendships that help bring about significant changes in how we create, share, and inspire fellow Instagram’ers and netizens online and offline.

Get your free tickets here: http://bit.ly/ChangePH

Keep the good vibes rolling! #KTGVR