GIF Stickers & Type Mode in Instagram Stories

Instagram ended 2017 by releasing features to make photo sharing more organized, memorable, and live/interactive: stories highlights and stories archive, the ability to follow hashtags the way you do with fellow IGers, and sending a live video via direct.

Instagram welcomed 2018 with the introduction of GIF stickers to Instagram Stories, now the photos and videos you add in your story will be even more expressive and fun or animated to look at, of course nothing too fancy but a welcome feature.

Own an iPhone 7? Shoot!

Apple’s iPhone, with its many iterations especially camera enhancements, and through the help of creativity apps, has changed the way we snap and share our photos and videos, proving true what Chase Jarvis proclaimed as “the best camera is that one that’s with you.” And you didn’t have to be a pro to be able to capture the beauty of subjects and scenes around you, and in most situations, your iPhone will do the trick, even quick.

700 million strong and more features than ever

The photo-sharing app and the community it built that’s relatively unknown some 6 years ago is now 700 million strong. That’s no longer news, as that milestone was reached last April, what’s more notable though, are the new (and some copycat) features being rolled out faster by Instagram.

#TheMods speak for #BoxTalksXIGersManila

On Saturday, 21-November-2015, @BeyondTheBoxPH invited #TheMods @CCLozano, @EdCalaycay and @iPetim for Box Talks.

Carrying this year’s theme of #CreateShareInspire in the #BoxTalks, #TheMods discussed the basics on instagram’ing.

    Anchored on @IGersManila’s mantra to “keep the good vibes rolling!”, @CCLozano’s talk focused on creating visual stories using your iOS devices while @iPetim’s discussion centered on the do’s and don’ts of sharing photos online. @EdCalaycay’s “inspire” session focused on captioning and typography. A demo of the apps commonly used for instagram’ing followed after with @Nagaryan sharing his expertise for VSCO. A quick photo challenge of @BeyondTheBoxPH’s Market! Market! branch was also conducted to cap the day’s event. Check out the attendees’ visual stories on Instagram! Use the hastag: #BoxTalksXIGersManila #BeyondTheBoxMarketMarket.    

Now happening! #BOXTALKSxIGersManila #BeyondTheBoxMarketMarket

A photo posted by Meeeeeyaaw (@dadaisgutom) on

#IGersPhilippines #IGersManila #boxtalksxigersmanila #beyondtheboxmarketmarket A photo posted by Viva Andrada (@vivavoom) on

Interested to have #TheMods speak about Instagram’ing? Contact us at or use the form below.

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Keep the good vibes rolling! #KTGVR

Our #IGFeatureWish through #IGMNLonViber

With the recent updates on Instagram like sharing of photos and videos in portrait and landscape orientation, and the recent update on its Direct Message, we wonder; are there any more features we wanted to wish for?

Through IGersManila’s Viber Public Chat Room, we came upon a Question Of The Day or a #QOTD where we asked co-#TheMods, some #TheColl, and our #KaViber or those people following us on Viber to answer our question:

“If you can request ONE new feature added on Instagram, what will be your #IGFeatureWish and why?”

See screenshots of our answers:

It turns out, we got pretty interesting answers from #TheMods, #TheColl, and our #KaViber. Here is the summarized list of our #IGFeatureWish:

Text on Photos. It’s no secret that we love putting those witty words, relatable lyrics, and #YOLO statements on our photos. Most of us wished that Instagram could add a feature where we can add text on our photos directly instead of using another App.

Multiple Log-In. Since some of us, have more than one Instagram account, we wish that Instagram could have a feature that enables you to switch accounts without logging in like how it was done in other social media platforms. We feel that this feature will help make Social Media Managers lives easier.

Scheduled Posts. Though we know that the very purpose of Instagram is to post photos captured spontaneously, scheduled posts will help those who have a very hectic schedule to keep on instagram’ing, and not miss a day’s theme.

There are other several features we wanted to be added, but we feel that these top three requests are with higher demand and of importance for today’s Instagram’ing. How about you, what is your #IGFeatureWish? Tell us all about it by using the hashtags #IGFeatureWish and #IGMNLonViber.

We are looking forward to your suggestions. Keep the good vibes rolling! #KTGVR


@IGersManila Adapts to Change

True to its mission of fostering creativity through its daily visual storytelling habit focused on positive vibes, @IGersManila has been adapting to changes and trends in Instagram.


Being the kickstarter of Instagram communities in the Philippines, @IGersManila has pioneered organizing the wackiest Instameets and interactive projects/contests.

Going beyond the usual meetups, we have embedded fun and memorable getting-to-know-you activities and always included our uniquely colorful Pinoy visual creativity in photowalks and photoshoots.

Organizing these events for the community is @IGersManila’s team of moderators and collaborators who have been doing this for the sheer passion and love for the photo-sharing app and the huge global community it built.


Being one of the longest running daily photo challenges in Instagram, the #9pmhabit has pioneered featuring outstanding visual stories of Pinoy Instagram’ers.

Initially done via a collage of four outstanding visual art, the #PhotoPick served as the bragging rights for our IGers.

With Instagram’s introduction of videos, we also launched the video collage of the #PhotoPick, with our very own community song #KTGVR playing in the background. This year, with the aim of filling our Instagram feed with posts the community has been sharing, and of visual stories that standout, @IGersManila now features the #PhotoPick individually, as is with no editing.


We continue to represent the bigger population of IGers proudly hashtagging to #IGersManila and doing this for fun, enjoyment, and #AllForLove of the community that brings out the creative expression of Pinoy IGers through phoneography.

As the community grows, we continue to adapt to changes and trends in social media, particularly in collaborating online and offline while we keep on bringing out the ingenuity of IGers in expressing their unique artistry through visual storytelling.

Join us this Saturday 27-June-2015 for #SocialMediaDay2015 at the Museo Pambata Open Grounds, as we collaborate with online communities in celebrating and embracing #ChangePH. This is an opportunity for you to try new apps, new tools, new technologies, as we form new interactions and friendships that help bring about significant changes in how we create, share, and inspire fellow Instagram’ers and netizens online and offline.

Get your free tickets here:

Keep the good vibes rolling! #KTGVR

#IGersManila is ready for #ChangePH this #SocialMediaDay2015

The most shareable event ever is happening on the 27th of June, 2015 at the Museo Pambata Open Grounds from 10AM to 7PM. IGersManila is proud to be part of Social Media Day 2015 together with the top social media communities in the country namely Pinoy Exchange, SoundCloudPH, TumblrPH, Muni, iVolunteerPH, and many more. This yearly grand meetup is hosted by TweetUpMNL, who has been a pioneer in the Social Media Community in the Philippines. From 2013’s #FWDPH, to 2014’s #BoomPH, to this year’s #ChangePH, IGersManila will definitely be there along with thousands of people who have signed up.


The theme #ChangePH is about exploring the possibilities of what Social Media can do for us today and by expressing and inspiring people through our posts. IGersManila is ready for some changes and we can’t wait to tell #TheColl and #iCoss about our plans for the coming months.


Invite your friends and get free tickets to this year’s #SocialMediaDay2015 by registering at and know more about Social Media Day at @TweetUpMNL. See you there and keep the good vibes rolling!


#ChangePH Social Media Day

June 27, 2015 MNL, PH

Social Media Day 2015 in the Philippines is for and about #ChangePH.

It is an opportunity to look at new apps, new tools, new technologies that help bring about significant changes, big and small: Changes in how we Filipinos live, work, do business, travel, study, express, communicate, share, and form relationships.

It is a chance to discover new communities, to perform before new audiences, to witness rising new performers, and learn new skills that bring fresh starts: Changes in how we view things, people, and the world we live in.

It is a moment to gather less than a year before we vote for new leaders and for change in government: Changes that solve problems, empower citizens, promote fairness, and improve our country.

Thanks to the spirit of collaboration and cooperation, #ChangePH will be the fourth time the Philippines joins this annual global event spearheaded by Mashable. Yes, communities, partners and volunteers have always made the Philippines’ Social Media Day possible and always different since 2012.

In Manila, join us on June 27, 2015 at the open grounds of Museo Pambata, the country’s first interactive children’s museum. Together, let us support Museo Pambata as a learning center for Filipino children who should ultimately benefit from progressive changes we seek to win.

Similar events will be mounted in many other cities across the country, thanks again to thriving and communities nationwide.

Join and support Social Media Day 2015 and be champions of #ChangePH.


Makati City



IGersManila at the MTV Music Evolution 2015

influr launched an #influrAtWork assignment by giving their members free passes on the Philippines’ very first MTV Music Evolution Manila Hip-Hop 2015 held on Sunday, May 17, 2015 at the Quirino Grandstand, Rizal Park.

Featuring international and local hip-hop artists namely Naughty by Nature,, YG, DJ Cash Money and our very own Gloc-9 and Abra,  IGersManila’s #TheMods and #TheColl were among those members who joined the assignment and we’re very lucky because all of us got picked.




Each of us received 4 passes/wristbands so we can tag along some of our friends too, (isn’t that awesome?!)

The event was hosted by MTV Asia VJs Alan Wong and Hanli Hoefer and MTV Pinoy VJs Yassi Pressman and Chris Schneider.IGMatMusicEvo3

Gloc-9 started the concert with his dynamic performance followed by Abra and of course who sang I Gotta Feeling that got us crazy and we started to jump on our feet while raising those glow sticks. Then DJ Cash Money continued the party with his hip hop mix, followed by YG and ended up with the international act by Naughty by Nature which performed their timeless songs.

It was such a fun and memorable experiencing hiphop music’s evolution with my friends. I’m looking forward to MTV’s next event here in the Philippines and I’m so thankful to influr for giving us the opportunity to be part of this grand celebration.


See photos of #TheColl’s experience at #MTVMusicEvo by checking out the hashtag #IGMatMTVMusicEvo on Instagram.

Keep the good vibes rolling! #ktgvr

Changes to the #9pmhabit

If you’ve been joining our #9pmhabit daily visual storytelling habit and noticed some changes to our postings, that’s because after our 4th founding anniversary celebration last April, us #TheMods decided we’d like to inculcate simplicity to the things we do for the community and make it more straightforward in presenting the awesome work of fellow Instagram’ers we feature. More than anything else, it’s the active participation and positive interaction of IGers and their amazingly wonderful photo and video submissions that kept us going and we owe it to the community to evolve the longest running photo challenge in Instagram, that is IGersManila’s #9pmhabit.

We’re sticking to our original workflow but tweaked some of the mechanics a bit, as follows:

  • We’re posting the #9pmhabit theme or topic for the day around 8:00am to 10:00am Philippine Standard Time (PST / GMT +8:00) or as soon as the sample photo is available.
  • We’re posting the sample photo (or video) as is (with minimal or no editing), acknowledging the owner by tagging and a username watermark.
  • We’re sticking to the original posting time, which is from 9:00pm to 11:00pm PST, but you can either post earlier or later, note though that only entries posted within the allotted posting time will qualify for our #PhotoPick.
  • Aside from the theme-specific hashtags, the following hashtags are required: #IGersManila #9pmhabit #IGersPhilippines.
  • We encourage you to either put a title to your work or write a descriptive caption (a fitting quote, a short poem, or lyrics from your favorite song or as may be required by the day’s theme or topic) for your Instagram.
  • We’re checking the hashtags, the grid, and individual photo/video submissions, as well as liking or double-tapping and leaving comments, and picking standout posts within the same posting time of 9:00pm to 11:00pm PST.
  • Instead of posting a video collage of the #PhotoPick entries the day after, we’re now posting the #PhotoPick winners individually, around the same posting time within the day or before the clock hits 12:00mn PST.
  • We’re posting the #PhotoPick photo (or video) as is, acknowledging the winner by tagging him/her to the post.
  • We’re posting the collage of all tagged entries weekly (or after a specific theme or topic or campaign).


That’s it, as you can see, we’d like the IGersManila Instagram feed to be filled with the outstanding work of our community. So here’s to more awesome visual storytelling.

If you have any questions, please do ask us. Otherwise we can start a conversation over at Instagram, follow us and let’s snap-filter-share our visual stories.

Keep the good vibes rolling! #ktgvr