8 Things You Can Do with Instagram Stories

Instagram welcomed the month of August with the introduction of a new feature it calls Instagram Stories. This answers the need of most Instagram’ers – who through the years have maintained a feed that is thematic or stylized, or curates a selection of creatively filtered photos and videos – for sharing every day snapshots without over-posting or “breaking” their well thought out Instagram profiles.

Introducing Instagram Stories from Instagram on Vimeo.

While others were quick to dismiss this as a copycat move by Instagram to directly compete with Snapchat, presently the darling of social media networks, this new feature has been accepted positively and used widely by fellow IGers, as it allows you to share multiple photos and videos displayed together in a slideshow, but will disappear after 24 hours. And these rather raw, quick snaps won’t be added to your profile grid, disrupting none of your artistic endeavors in photography and videography. Continue reading

#ChangeIsComing even on Instagram

As #Eleksyon2016 draws to a close, we see that #ChangeIsComing not just in our country, but on our visual storytelling app as well.

The update, both available on iOS App Store and Google Play, has the Instagram app icon changed. From the old-school icon, the new one is now flat with a rainbow gradient as a background.

Along with it, is a redesign of the app. The updated design “gives focus more on your photos and videos without changing how you navigate the app”. There is also an available update for the family of creative apps from Instagram – Layout, Boomerang and Hyperlapse.

Check out this video from Instagram:

Your thoughts on this change?

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Life as #TheColl

The Collaborators (#TheColl) is a group of Instagramers (in short, IGers) from @IGersManila that is tasked to work hand-in-hand (or “collaborate”) with The Moderators (#TheMods) on projects and events. It was initially launched in 2013, and was relaunched in October 2014.

I was one of the first batches of IGers who joined this group. @IGersmanila has been a very important part of my Instagram life, so when the registration for #TheColl opened, I grabbed the opportunity to join because for me, this is somehow my way of giving back to the community.

Being #TheColl is just fun and easy.  You just have to “create, share and inspire” and live up to the mantra: “Keep the good vibes rolling!”.

Check out the list below and if you are up for the challenge, register to be #TheColl this 2016.

1. Create an atmosphere of good vibes.

@IGersManila has been known to hold fun-filled instameets and photoshoots. Be open to communicate with your fellow IGers during these events! Be interactive and proactive when it comes helping out on projects and activities.  Be a member of  the committee (a.k.a #TheComm) — a set of #TheColl that organizes a particular #IGMNL event.

2. Share your awesome ideas and thoughts.

From time to time, we attend meetings with #TheMods to plan for @IGersManila’s upcoming activities and projects. These meetings were coined as #MusterDate — a general assembly of #TheColl. From the #MusterDate,  we get first-hand information on exciting things that @IGersManila are cooking up for its followers. #MusterDates also turn into fun activities — like awarding ceremonies, impromptu photoshoot, or live fast talk a la #IGMNLonViber #ViberPublicChats.

We also have instant meetings online which we call #TheShift facilitated by Daddy C (@cclozano). Here, we discuss activites or projects in a breeze.  We get to share our ideas, questions, and comments about the topic/s right away.

On Viber Public Chat, and on LINE, we got to talk about all sorts of stuff other than instagramming, and from there we develop deeper relationships with each other.

3. Inspire fellow IGers. 

Aside from these benefits/opportunities, another great thing about being #TheColl is we get to be recognized and be an inspiration to others.

Just like Cody Organo (@decode_e), who just recently was awarded as Most Active #TheColl of 2015 on @IGersManila’s Viber Public Chat.

“My goal is to influence and inspire people and that won’t be possible without joining #TheColl. The award is basically a voucher that depicts how and where I stand as a collaborator,” shared Cody.

“The #PhotoPicks, sample photos, blog entries, daily conversation in #ViberPublicChat, and the instameets give me enough reasons to do better on my current role as #TheColl. As we always quote, #KTGVR”, he added.

Are you up for the challenge?  Be a part of #TheColl by clicking this link!

Be one of us! 🙂

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Five ways to make #RoseGold your Instagram feed’s theme

If you have been wondering what’s with the #RoseGold color flooding your feed lately, that’s a project that @IGersManila’s #TheColl has accepted — get your feed filled with the pinkish hue of the newest iPhone.
Here are the 5 ways we have creatively executed the project!

1. Make it #Filterrific with #RoseGold.

Make the sky a little pinkish!

Get that #foodamology shot applied with a touch of the pink filter, why not?

Capture that #flowerpop a little less reddish!


2. Use a #RoseGold thing as a subject. 

Feature that watch, brag about that ring or show-off that accessory bearing the rose gold color.

A touch of class and sophistication. #SmartiPhone6s #IGersManila #EverydayWithTheColl #EverydayWithIana

A photo posted by Iana Peralta ☕ 📷📱 (@ianaperalta) on

Try snapshots of those #MiniFriends in pinkish shade!

Tama pa bang mag-antay? #9pmhabit #HeyHugot #igersmanila

A photo posted by lizlrey (@lizlrey) on


Wear that rose gold inspired #OOTD and be snapped wearing that winsome smile.

3. Use #RoseGold to #ColorMyDay creatively.

Isolate that hue of pink, and get creative!

Why not get that mask on and pose for posterity!


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#IGMNLOnCampus continues in UE

#IGMNLonCampus Ad
IGMNLonCampus Ad

The College of Computer Studies and System Student Council from University of the East Manila invited @IGersManila’s  #TheMods Carl Lozano, Ed Calaycay and Petim Maminta to have a talk on Instagramming 101: #CreateShareInspire. Attended by 30 UE students from different courses, the talk was held September 15, 2015  at the Basic Lab B (BLB) of University of the East, Sampaloc, Manila.

IGMNL - IGMNLonCampus - UE
IGMNLonCampus – “Circle” of Energy

The event started with @IGersManila’s signature ‘Pass the Energy’ as an icebreaker to the students.

The talk was subdivided into three topics, the first is ‘Create’ that was supposed to be shared by Daddy C but because he wasn’t able to come, Ed Calaycay and Petim Maminta handled that topic. This topic focused on how to snap and filter a better visual story.– including the tips and apps to use. #TheColl Snapshooter Reinmar Llamado (@breinmars in IG), who is also a UE student, and Ryan Pesimo (@nagaryan in IG)  joined the talk to share and demo apps to use for phone photography or phoneography.

@nagaryan demonstrated how to use the VSCO app wherein he shared different preset filters and the new features of VSCO, while @breinmars shared his knowledge about the Phono app — different features of the app like image overlays and of course the texts. He also shared how to install fonts to phonto online.

IGMNL - IGMNLonCampus - UE2
IGMNLonCampus – iPetim discussing “Share”

The next one is the ‘Share’ topic explained by @iPetim. The discussion centered on the do’s and dont’s for Instagram’ing. She also explained how you’ll gain friends or follower in Instagram.

IGMNLOnCampus - Ed Calaycay's "Inspire" talk
IGMNLOnCampus – Ed Calaycay’s “Inspire” talk

The last topic is ‘Inspire’ explained by @EdCalaycay. The talk revolved around the photos you’ve shared and how will it make a difference in your life, and how to inspire others to do ripple to good vibes.

The talk ended with everyone given an IGersManila pin as a souvenir , while some attendees got an #IGMNL mug.

If you are interested to join #IGMNL’s #iCoss, sign up here.

If you wish to join #TheColl, register here.

Interested to have #TheMods for your #IGMNLonCampus talk? Contact us by filling up this form.

Thank you UE Warriors! #KTGVR. Til’ the next #IGMNLOnCampus.

#IGMNLonCampus - UE Attendees
#IGMNLonCampus – UE Attendees

#StoleLens: a guide to produce a flawless visual story

Our realm is everywhere. Deepest stories lie within our own lenses.  It is imperative that we get to see angles from different perspective.

When a random scene like @IGersManila’s #KalyePH photowalk is off the hook; we, photo enthusiasts, tend to focus more on spots that are pleasing to our eyes than to the stories they could bring. Though I have to admit that both disciplines can be effectively used to capture a great photograph, we have to always remember that we only use our own camera phones (at least most of the time) and using such device will test our skills in snapshooting because of limited focus, aperture settings, etc. Hence, relying on the scene and ingenuity in editing the photo is indeed a challenge for some.

I started taking photos when I was a preschool student. Of course, no one will expect that I will be very skilled that early. I can’t remember what my preferences were in photography before, I just remembered that I used to borrow my father’s camera. He taught me how to use it and as a toddler, I always ask questions about the purposes of each parts of the device (even the batteries). This made me think that aside from those individuals who were born genius in the said field, people who were taught during their playful years can also produce exceptional images. Perhaps, letting young people peek what’s inside the lens give them the opportunity to see life in a different angle.

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Our #IGFeatureWish through #IGMNLonViber

With the recent updates on Instagram like sharing of photos and videos in portrait and landscape orientation, and the recent update on its Direct Message, we wonder; are there any more features we wanted to wish for?

Through IGersManila’s Viber Public Chat Room, we came upon a Question Of The Day or a #QOTD where we asked co-#TheMods, some #TheColl, and our #KaViber or those people following us on Viber to answer our question:

“If you can request ONE new feature added on Instagram, what will be your #IGFeatureWish and why?”

See screenshots of our answers:

It turns out, we got pretty interesting answers from #TheMods, #TheColl, and our #KaViber. Here is the summarized list of our #IGFeatureWish:

Text on Photos. It’s no secret that we love putting those witty words, relatable lyrics, and #YOLO statements on our photos. Most of us wished that Instagram could add a feature where we can add text on our photos directly instead of using another App.

Multiple Log-In. Since some of us, have more than one Instagram account, we wish that Instagram could have a feature that enables you to switch accounts without logging in like how it was done in other social media platforms. We feel that this feature will help make Social Media Managers lives easier.

Scheduled Posts. Though we know that the very purpose of Instagram is to post photos captured spontaneously, scheduled posts will help those who have a very hectic schedule to keep on instagram’ing, and not miss a day’s theme.

There are other several features we wanted to be added, but we feel that these top three requests are with higher demand and of importance for today’s Instagram’ing. How about you, what is your #IGFeatureWish? Tell us all about it by using the hashtags #IGFeatureWish and #IGMNLonViber.

We are looking forward to your suggestions. Keep the good vibes rolling! #KTGVR


#PIPE4_B1 With Their Zark’s Burgers

Meaty, cheesy, and BIG.

Those are the first three things that popped in our heads when we saw the Zark’s Burgers being served to us during the #PIPE4 Batch 1 Photowalk at SM North Edsa. We were presented with mouth-watering burgers with different styles, and different meaty flavors.


Thanks to Zark’s Burgers’ Joseph of SM North branch for being very accommodating.


Our #PIPE4_B1 and #TheColl can’t get enough of their delicious instagram’able burgers.


Watch out for the next batch of our #PIPE4 Qualifiers and their photowalk this August 2015 at SM North Edsa with our partners Smart Communications, Storytell Prints, and with our major sponsor Power Mac Center.

Keep the good vibes rolling!

#iCossPhotoshoot #BioOilSkinSaver

Stretch marks, scars, uneven skin tones, aging and dry skin? Worry no more. Bio-Oil makes it easier for you to fight these skin conditions impeccably.

#PHOTOPICK #ICOSSPHOTOSHOOT #BIOOIL #BIOOILSKINSAVER Congratulations to our fellow IGers for sharing their awesome visual stories: @star_211 @decode_e @gridphotoph @multipleorgesim Check out their profiles, follow and appreciate their work with #IGHeartAttack. Register at IGERSMANILA.COM to be in the Circle of Snapshooters #iCoss and make @IGersManila your #9pmhabit, tag your posts with #IGersManila #IGersPhilippines, and ask your friends to take part in our growing community of visual storytellers who #CreateShareInspire. Have questions? Follow and tag @IGersManila #TheMods @cclozano @edcalaycay @ipetim @pinkipop27 @igersphilippines. Until our next #iCossPhotoshoot, keep the good vibes rolling! #KTGVR

A photo posted by IGersManila Philippines (@igersmanila) on

Dieter Beier, a German chemist living in South Africa who came from a family of geniuses who are responsible for developing the world-renowned skincare product – Oil of Olay, brought us another skincare giant that will alleviate our worries with our skin. Bio-Oil has its own mixture of plant extracts; it combines Vitamin A and E to promote the formulation of new collagen, it helps us to renew our skin and most importantly, it reduces the itch of stretching skin – helping our skin for its overall texture and tone.
In cooperation with Aspen Philippines, the media agency for Bio-Oil in the Philippines, @IGersManila conducted another successful #iCossPhotoshoot last 18-July-2015 at Bonifacio High Street, in Bonifacio Global City, Taguig.
The said #iCossPhotoshoot started with the  @IGersManila’s trademark  Circle of Energy to hype the event followed by a short talk from Aileen Puzon from Aspen Philippines. During the event, #iCoss members were tasked to take their best photos for Bio-Oil. They were grouped into 3 (Team Bio-Rangers, Team Bio-Man & Team Bio-Lators). Each groups were asked to come up with a creative group shot and to present a group cheer. IGers attending the #iCossPhotoshoot were given a 60ml Bio-Oil as token/gift.
The winners for the best visual stories are @ChristofferKing (2nd runner-up), @hoooooorey (1st runner-up) and @i_bkf (Best Bio-Oil #iCossPhotoshoot Visual Story). They were given Gift Certificates courtesy of Aspen Philippines. Team Bio-Lators’  cheer to the tune of “Row, Row, Row  Your Boat” topped the group cheer activity.
For further information about the product, you may check Bio-Oil thru their Facebook account: Bio-Oil Philippines.
You may also check the photos taken during the event thru @IGersManila’s instagram account and thru #iCossPhotoshoot hashtag: #BioOil #BioOilSkinSaver or thru our FB Page!

Until our next #iCossPhotoshoot! Keep the good vibes rolling! #KTGVR